To the mom who said "I am so afraid of leaving my job to stay at home with my children"

First of all I want to start off by saying: I know what you are going through!! Two years ago I was longing in my heart to be at home with my little. To be that wife that had the dinner ready when my husband got home. (I am a liberated woman! Why can't I take care of my husband?)  To create a safe haven for my family. I WANTED THAT!!!
We lived off every single penny we made at that time. Several times a year we were over drawn. WHY! We were making six figures!! Where in the world did all of our money go!!! Our little miracle baby was babysitter hopping just so my husband and I could keep up with the bills. We were both to tired to clean. Both to tired to keep up with food preparations. We were both to tired to love one another.
We were broke and money had nothing to do with it.
Taking a "gamble" on faith by deciding our son was more important than the money I earned, took my breath away. I was one month away from getting a $20k a year raise!! Something I had wanted for a very long time, but you know what...I wanted my little to have a mommy MORE! That was the turning point for us. What were we willing to "sacrifice" for me to stay at home. It meant loosing almost $50k a year in income. ($70k if you think about the raise) Think about that. I don't care what anyone tells you...or any thought you may have in your mind about money. What you make is what you SPEND! Getting a raise isn't the problem. Its the way you HANDLE your money you have now.
Deciding what was a NEED and what was a WANT was the first thing we did.
1. We wanted me at home.
Anything after that, other than food and shelter, came second.
I am here to tell you it can be done. I am the worlds worse at handling finances. (If I could show you my checkbook...You would agree. I am 32 and I am just now learning to balance a checkbook.) You CAN make anything happen if you want it bad enough. If you and your husband (or significant other) see things the same...there IS a way! There is! You may never drive a new car again. You may never have a new cell phone...or a cell phone for that matter. You may never have cable may not go on another family vacation (outside your backyard) for a really long time! Let me ask you a question? If you were to die today...who would miss you more? Your family or your job? Children aren't a distraction from more important work...THEY ARE the important work.  
I realized that the only thing he desired was my time. Not the new toys. Not the new electronic device. Not the cable undivided attention.
You can do it momma!
Is it HARD? Oh boy was it ever. Were there days I wanted some peace and quiet at my retail job? YES! (Are there still days?? YUP!) Then there are those quiet moments on the floor playing trains and him telling me about memories he has that take my breathe away. No amount of income will ever make up for that.
Do we have "extra" money after all the bills are paid and the fridge is full? We usually have less than a hundred dollars. A year ago we had less than that. Several months in a row we had less than twenty. We made do. We didn't die...and no one knew we struggled. I just had to be more creative on how we managed our money. Its a skill now. We were broke...and my son was happy.
But HE is our reason we struggle.
Its worth it.

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Guest Blogger! Becca Kaian from The Natural Dentist

I am so excited to announce our SECOND guest blogger!!! Her name is Becca Kaian and she is a blogger on the Natural Dentist! I am so excited she asked to be a guest blogger. She has some fantastic ideas and I hope you enjoy reading not only her blog, but will stop by The Natural Dentist and see what else you may learn! I love natural and I am SURE you will too! xoxo

It’s been said that the best accessory anyone could ever wear is their smile. But what if that smile isn’t as bright as you want it to be? What if you’re embarrassed or nervous someone will see the stains and plaque buildup on your teeth? Try these at home remedies for teeth whitening and follow the suggested tips for maintenance and you’re smile will be radiating in no time! Whitening: Achieving whiter teeth is often a large task on everyone’s to-do list, but busy parent’s don’t have time to schedule and attend regular whitening appointments. Try any of these quick and easy at-home remedies for a whiter smile:
  • Baking soda can be used as a whitener in a number of ways. Try combining a table spoon of baking soda with a quarter cup of peroxide, applying the mix to your teeth, letting it sit for one minute before rinsing, and repeating daily for a week. Even simpler, you can put a bit of baking soda on your tooth brush, wet it lightly, and brush normally in the morning. Then at night, rinse your mouth with a cap full of peroxide. Both remedies will help in the whitening process.
  • Make your own whitening tooth paste by mixing a tablespoon of standard toothpaste with one teaspoon of mouth wash, half a teaspoon of baking soda, and a dash of salt. Though very safe, it is important to only brush with this paste every two days, as baking soda will wear down the enamel of your teeth with repeated use.
  • Another whitening mixture to try is half a teaspoon of baking soda with a full teaspoon of lemon juice. Use this to brush the surface of your teeth for one to two minutes, once every two weeks, and your smile will be whiter and brighter in no time.
  • A natural at-home whitening solution is to rub the inside of a banana or orange peel over your teeth at least once a day. Doing so releases the peels’ natural minerals which include potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Those minerals are then absorbed into the teeth, helping them to look brighter and healthier. Similarly, mashing strawberries with a bit of baking soda and smearing the mix on your teeth allows the fruits’ acids to polish and whiten!
Daily Oral Care: Taking care of your mouth should already be part of your routine. Below are some reminders of proper oral hygiene:
  • Thoroughly brushing your teeth at least twice a day will help to prevent plaque buildup, lessen stains, and ultimately maintain a cleaner, healthier mouth. In addition, flossing is important to remove plaque from those hard to reach places.
These at home remedies and general maintenance tips are the simplest ways to ensure a white smile that lasts. Remember, you only get one set of teeth, so take care of them properly! BYLINE: Becca absolutely loves finding natural and healthy remedies! When she’s not cooking or pinning new ideas, you can find Becca at The Natural Dentist, where she handles blogging.

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