Living with essential oils.

Its Wednesday. I am actually writing this on Tuesday! SAY WHAT! I know. I am on a roll today.
I have lovingly name them "The Ladies"

I was first introduced to essential oils at a Party through DoTerra. The lady that did the class was talking about what all these oils did, but I really didn't GRASP the concept of them. I heard what she was saying...I just wasn't really LISTENING. Does that make sense? It wasn't until I met my "Crunchie" friend that it really SANK in. Sometimes you need to be exposed to something a few times before you accept it.
In my Journey of learning about food I really watch what kinds of things I bring into my home. I know it sounds crazy. I know how it sounds. TRUST ME...I know. My mother chuckles a little bit.
I started with the Honest Company. Although I liked their stuff....I hated spending the money on something I could make myself. If I am going to have things that are "Chemical" free...CLEARLY I can make it in my home...right?

I am a DIYer...I can't help it.
Then I watched Food INC.
Then I started looking at food labels.
Which the obvious next step is to look at my cleaning chemical labels...YIKES. Close that cabinet will ya.
Then something else occurred to me. What are these chemicals doing to my body? OR to my baby?! I have cancers that run in my family...I are rolling your eyes. I can feel them rolling. Everything has chemicals! BABY LOTION has chemicals. Will the madness ever end??
There is the background...Here is the good stuff.
I bought a few basic oils. I loved them. I seriously use them for everything.
Caden has a runny nose?
Bath, Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus oil
Daddy's Back hurts?
Sink needs a little disinfecting?
Peppermint or tea tree or lemon, or grapefruit...The possibilities are ENDLESS.
The list goes on and guess what? Oils are relatively safer than chemicals. True story. I say "Safer" because Eucalyptus CANT be ingested.
I bought a store brand from Amazon called "Aura Cacia" the organic ones. I researched for hours....and hours...and hours about which ones to buy. I don't jump into things any more, to many terrible-BAD-decisions in the past. (Timeshare being a HUGE part of that) I read countless articles. Read research papers. When I tell you I was obsessed with making sure I got the right ones...I WAS. --Thank you babe for putting up with me.--
I decided I was going to start small. I didn't want to invest in anything OUTRAGIOUS if I hated them...right?
I haven't "Decided" on a brand I will stick with. I am usually a dedicated brand kind of person. Please don't give me the speech about Young Living or DoTerra. Trust me...I will give you about a 1,000 reasons why I don't use either one of them. Not because they aren't good...just personal choice.

Going with a name that works "The Ladies 2"
 I found a blog that I am totally head over heels in LOVE with. I am serious. Head over right now and check her out! ---Well wait until your done reading.  She is simple. Breaks it down. Gives a girl a little confidence you know what I am sayin? I am new at this.

I read one of her posts about blending oils. It made it simple.

I think I love reading her stuff because she doesn't promote any specific BRAND of essential oils. LOVED that about her. (Nothing worse that reading about something and they are CRAMING a brand of oil down your throat. You just lost me) She used the Eden Garden brand for a few things around the house so I ordered a few.
I was a little nervous at first, but I am really surprised my first three blends turned out so well. I may change the laundry scent a little bit (Not a huge fan of that) but it will do for now. If you never try it...You will NEVER KNOW!

This is the Laundry Mix. (obviously) I made labels so I would know in the future if I liked them I could REmake them. That lie we always tell ourselves "Oh I will just remember" HA! I went ahead and made sure I wouldn't forget.
Fantastic Cleaner. Mix with vinegar
This is AMAZING. I am Positive its worth its weight in GOLD. Around here in this part of the world where all creepy things bite, and ALL bug sprays do NOT work. Sometimes you just want to go outside and don't want to wait two hours for your Chlorophyll to work. We tried it yesterday to go play in the pool...and you know what. NOT ONE BITE. Gotta love all things natural. Let me know if you have any questions. I may not know, but I can find out.
Hope you enjoyed it.  

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How to add social media buttons

Welcome back! I think I am going to try and do this once or twice a month. I don't know a whole lot, but what I do know I am willing to share, and answer any questions you may have. Good Luck and let me know if this helps! If you want me to do something for you I can...I may charge a small amount for my time, but that is it.
Step 1-  Head over to Pinterest and search for "Free Social Media Buttons". There are so many crafty talented people out there that are willing to share their work. There is a social media button for just about everyone.
Step 2--Download those bad boys and SAVE them.
Here is where it gets a little complicated. Be patient it may take you a few times. Remember I am always a click away.
Step 3--Make a new post in blogger BUT you are NOT going to Publish it. Name it
"Social Media Buttons DO NOT PUBLISH" upload those social media buttons like any normal picture.
Step 4--Click on the HTML side of the post.
**Couple of things that you need to look for in that code. Do you see anything that says "Center" "Left" "Right"? If you want your social media buttons to line up straight...those words need to be taken out. Otherwise they will NOT line up straight. **Got it? Good Lets continue.
Step 5--Now you are going to go into your Layout and add a Gadget. You are going to select the HTML/Java Script.
Step 6--That code that you copied in your unsaved post needs to go into the content box. Then Click the Rich text. You should see your pictures. Now SAVE IT.
How are we doing so far? Easy Peasy right?? I am excited we are learning together!!
This next part can be a little bit tricky so be patient with yourself.  Take a deep breath...Good. Lets continue.
Step 7. Each one of those pictures are going to be individual links to your social media sites. What I did was open a page for each one of  so I had easy access to copy and paste them. I wanted them handy. Do that now.
Step 8-- Now that you have your social media site open. You are going to Highlight Your button for that site. (I had to line them up vertical to only highlight just one. You CAN edit in the that screen above but you can't "go back" so I had you save it in step six so all you have to do is hit cancel and you will be safe.
This is the look you are going for. Just trust me. I will save your time and headache.

Step 9--Highlight the first button like you are going to copy and paste it.

Step 10-- Click on the world link and paste your page addresses here. Now do the rest of them.

Make sure when you are completed you carefully get rid of the spaces between the social buttons. Otherwise when you hit save they will be lined up like that...unless of course you want them like that.

Ok guys that's it. Easy right? Not going to lie this has been a work in progress for me. Don't feel bad if it takes you a few times. Holla at me if you need me.

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Easy swapable blogger button tutorial

How to make your own swappable button for blogger...The EASY way.
Really...its easy. I swear.
1. Get a photobucket account. Its free. Just do it.
2. Make an "icon" that will represent you.
(With the name of your blog. That's important. It doesn't need to be crazy hard just a picture. Tell me who you are...)  
3. Make SURE, while you are editing the picture, you "resize" this picture to about 200x200...IMPORTANT. Save it.
4. Do you see over on the right side of the picture there are 4 different crazy codes?
(email/im, direct, html, and image) You are going to need to copy the DIRECT link.
5. Go to this page here.  I almost feel like I am cheating introducing you to this page, BUT I did say EASY...wink wink. Follow the instructions.
6. That easy folks. Told ya. It will look like this:
They call me Pelley
<div align="center"><a href="" title="They call me Pelley" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="They call me Pelley" style="border:none;" /></a></div>
This is an EASY way for other people to have you on their page...Who doesn't like free advertising.  
Let me know if I can help.

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Whole 30 Sweetness and a little comedy.

Notice those nails? I just did them that morning.

In the process of moving towards the Whole 30...we are changing our eating habits. I don't want this to be just a "Diet" but a way of life...right? What's the point of getting healthy if you don't maintain it. Its about changing habits. So I thought I would share the recipe and a little something I learned about myself.

For the record this is GREAT! I am serious. I am a lover of chocolate. All things chocolate. Especially a sucker for my homemade creamy brownies...need to change the I want some.

You know after a healthy meal your body says..."I NEED CHOCOLATE" almost like a monster inside of you? Well  mine did that yesterday. Thank goodness it was late and my husband wasn't going to wait for brownies because I WOULD have made them.

So I did a little pinterest search and I found this.

Whole 30 "Milk" Shake

About 50 ice cubes
1/2 Tablespoon of  cocoa powder
half a can of coconut milk.
4 bananas
a few pinches of unsweetened shaved coconut
*My husband suggested we add almonds next time.

**Although everything in this is compliant, its not recommended you drink your food OR you have something that gives your mind a good item that is representative for bad food...make sense?

I served those bad boys up in a glass mason jar and called it a night.

Here is the funny part.

My lips started to tongue started to burn. Then my eyes started to swell. Oh man. This girl is allergic to bananas! Who KNEW! We searched the entire house for Benadryl...nothing. So off we went to find me some. I thought my eyes were going to pop out.

After 2 Benadryl and a drive to the ER (we never went in the Benadryl worked) I have decided this may not be a recipe I will make again. I hope you enjoy it.

I totally understand now...Rough night. 

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Whole 30. Results already? I haven't even started.

We haven't' started yet. Still in the "prepping stage" getting rid of everything that is not "compliant". Although I am not one to just throw food away...I am either using it or giving it to the dogs if they can eat it.
In moving more towards Whole 30 I have not eaten 1 bean. Which for me is a BIG DEAL...I LOVE pinto beans. Could eat them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
I have had 3 cups of milk. Two of which were in organic cereal. Not that the organic matters so much.
One small hand full of cheddar cheese. On eggs. I later regretted it.
Three bowls of noodles. I am a Noodle girl. I think I was born with noodles in my mouth. Really.
What I have noticed just in two weeks and I haven't even officially started--
My stomach isn't bloated. I can almost feel my hips again. WHO KNEW! Almost introduced myself.
I am do I say this nicely..."regular" that I mean 3-4 times a day. TMI I know but its true.
I have already lost weight. Those 5 pounds I am SURE has nothing to do with the previously mentioned sentence.
I sleep so much HARDER than before. If there was such a thing. As a child I could sleep through a tornado siren that was in our backyard on Ft Rucker. True story.
I can not wait to see the results of 30 days! Now back to meal planning.

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Wanna know what really grinds my gears?

Thought I would post something a little lighter. Not everything in my life is serious. Well almost everything. I do...sometimes have a funny side. Unless you ask my brother...that is a totally different subject. HA just kidding Jake. He is ginger. That should explain everything.
I got this from my sisters blog. I enjoyed reading it. Maybe you will enjoy mine.
Your life will be complete now.
My pet peeves... I've got lots.
If there were ever a time to take advantage of complaining, this would be it! YES!

What is my biggest driving pet peeve?
It used to be people who would make an Epic attempt to pass me and then slow down to granny proportions. I have a story about this...maybe some other day. Now I think its people who ride my butt thinking I am going to go faster. I have a baby in the car. Yes he is almost 3...but I am NOT going faster because you are missing an episode of "Dancing with the Stars" get DVR. Not my problem. I will just slow down until you give up...or possibly forget where the accelerator is. I've done that too.

What is my biggest blogging pet peeve?
When someone goes on...and on...and on...and on about stuff. I have to many of those people in my life. I tune them out. If you have one huge sentence. No paragraphs. No pictures...I am leaving. Gone. You've lost me. Not coming back. Sorry. Be original. Be you. Be real.

What is my biggest shopping pet peeve?
Going into a store and everything is a size 00. Um...real women AREN'T that size. Yes, maybe MY sisters are. They are real women. Yes I hate them for being naturally beautiful and skinny.
I am convinced it is the only size LEFT because all the "real" women got there before me. Its possible. I want selection! I want Classy Styles! I don't want to have to go into 29 THOUSAND stores to find ONE shirt I like that doesn't break the bank. I can feel my blood pressure rising...ok moving on.

What is my biggest general pet peeve?
Oh my gaaaaawsh! When I go into a store and there are children who are either 1. Acting like they have had no adult supervision a day in their lives and I see them running around like wild animals. 2. Children that are so dirty it is as though their parents picked them up out of a mud puddle with clothes that they found in their neighbors garbage can and brought them into the store. (Children get dirty. Yes I know I have one. He is all boy. However I get a wipe and do a quick wipe down before we go into public. If you have them to wipe butts you can wipe their face and hands...but just don't use the same wipe) 3. Parents that put their children in a shopping cart and let them scream...and scream...and scream...and scream...and scream...and scream..... Please take that child outside. I am about to loose my FRAKING MIND.

What is my most irrational fear?
Cockroaches. I just shuttered. Just the very word makes me want to dry heave in the corner. I think I live in a state where the national insect needs to be the "Flying Cockroach". I just shuttered again. I watched an ER show once where a cockroach burrowed itself into a patience ear and all he did for 12 hours was scream until they found it and pulled it out. I think my spirit would crawl out of my body and I would never come back. I am serious.

This was fun, huh. 
I love having an excuse to complain... 
How about you? What makes you mad more than anything? Do tell :-))
Happy Thursday My lovelies. 

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Confessions from a new "Label Reader"

Good Morning my lovelies! I went almost a week without posting. I am sorry. Its been a little crazy around here, and I hope I can tell you what is going on really soon. Until then. Thank you for being understanding and forgive my tardiness.
Last night, before bed, a friend of mine told me she was stalking my blog. It made my night. I went to bed thinking about things I wanted to write about. I literally went to sleep thinking about food labels. Wait. Hear me out. Before you click the EXIT button. Just hear me out. Please.
Last Saturday my husband and I went to my mother-in-laws for my husband's and his father's special "Father's Day Dinner". Going to their house is always a good time. This particular time we had a lesson in food. It always amazes me that although the definition of "good food" seems to change...our bodies don't. Doesn't that seem odd to you? Children are becoming more and more overweight. Their health is declining. Yet we don't seem to understand why...Maybe it should start with teaching parents to read labels. Yes exercise is a big issue, however, if you eat potato chips and drink soda all day it doesn't matter how many miles you run on a treadmill those "food items" aren't fuel.

 Just throwing that out there.
After watching Food INC (or  you can watch it on Netflix's) I have become a little obsessed with reading labels. It was eye opening, but also it just affirmed a lot of things I had already thought about for awhile. Like: Why are girls going through puberty so early? Why doesn't food taste the same any more? Why is obesity at an all time high?
Back to my mother-in-laws. We were talking about "food" and talking about my family going on to the Whole 30. My MIL thought I was crazy. I don't blame her I think I am crazy. Then we started discussion why I think America is so unhealthy. (My personal opinion...I am not a nutritionist) She pipes up and says "well I only use margarine its better for you than butter". Then his uncle pipes in and says "I only use Velveeta...its so much better for you than "real" cheese.
Say whaaaat?
ok. Lets read that food label shall we?
Note: While trying to google "Ingredients for Margarine" it literally took me 4 minutes to find someone who was willing to give me their ingredient list. Sounds a little odd.
Here is Land O lakes sticks
"Pure and Creamy" ?
Pure?? I am so confused.
Keep in mind this stuff ISNT cheap!

Ingredients: Liquid and Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Water, Buttermilk, Contains less than 2% of Salt, Soy Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Mono and Diglycerides (Emulsifier), Lactic Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Vitamin A Palmitate, Beta Carotene (Color).
CONTAINS: Milk and Soy .
*At one time we thought "Soybeans" were the next best veggie. I am sure they used to be a good source of vitamins until a company turned them into a science experiment. Now they are so genetically altered that they resist all forms of pesticides and herbicides.
How is that possible in real life???

Sorry...Lets continue.... :
What in the HECK is a Soy Lecithin. Anyone pronounce that right?
--Preservative? Which means its like eating a mothball. Got a good visual in your mouth?
Mono and Diglycerides- Did you just swear at me?
Does it scare you that it doesn't tell you the "Natural and Artificial Flavors". That "Natural" flavor could be some guys dandruff --that's natural. Just saying.
Vitamin A Palmitate--an engineered vitamin because it has been all removed and must be added again. Odd. Why did we remove it in the first place?
Why should one have to google the ingredients to find out what is in it?
I love the Marketing--Pure. Sounds a bit to much.
Now to Velveeta....

First let me just say that is NOT cheese. Not even in the same Food group.
Melts better than cheddar cheese? lol That is so funny.
Prepared cheese product....see its not "cheese"

Ok. Google Can't find it. I will have to take a picture of this at the grocery store myself. That may have to be part II ...and my other favorite is the "No preservative" Ketchup. That will be in part II also.

Call me crazy. I really believe we are overweight because of the things we eat, or lack of real food, I should say. We eat food because it is fast and easy but it doesn't fill us up so we eat more of it. High caloric food with no nutritional value what so ever.
How I have changed over the last 6 months:
I have stopped coupon shopping.
Although you can get things FREE... are they things you should be feeding your family? Someone else's trash is free...does that mean you want it?
I have started making my own cleaners.
We have been TOLD certain chemicals cause cancers and yet we continue to use those items in our house.
 I am still trying to find a good reliable website for things like shampoo and toothpaste. That is next.
I still have a small amount of laundry detergent to use up and then I am making my own.
In the next few weeks I will be out of dryer sheets and will be making my own dryer balls.
Condiments I can make myself I am.
For the record. I am not a tree hugger. There is nothing wrong with people who are...I am just not one. Although I do enjoy a good shade tree. Yes I do shave my arm pits...that wont change. I don't believe in Global warming. (Sorry. Not a subject I choose to argue about.) I do not drive a Prius. Although I did think they were pretty AWESOME when they first came out...Cars now are just as gas efficient.
I am just a normal. Everyday mom. Who wants to feed my son good nutritional foods. I want to teach him that there are "good" choices and choices that aren't "good". 
Before I watched Food INC I was clueless. Living is about learning right? What good is knowledge if you don't share it? We aren't "free" if we are struggle to live. I want all of us to not just LIVE but THRIVE.
Sharing is Caring.
As always. Thank you for reading. I hoped you learned a few things.
Tell me what you think.

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A new Start. Would you like to join us?

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Lets be honest. Its a bunch of people trying to be someone they want to be. Although we all know each other and we all know how we are in REAL life. Its the ones that have their profiles set as public that kill me. Its ok. I wont judge you.
Since I've started to blog I have filled my newsfeed with helpful things that will either uplift our family or give me ideas to teach my son. Its been a total different experience. I am a much happier reader.
In the last few months I have also tried to surround myself with "friends" that will do the same. Do we have a common interest. Can we help and up lift each other?? I have a new found friend, that I met through a friend, who has become an answer to prayer more than once. That is probably the only part of Facebook I love...networking.

Our conversation started out just talking about her recent Stitch fix! I loved what she got. I had been really wanting to try and get a "Fix", but money has been really tight. That and I have a hard time spending real money on clothes. When she told me she lost 17 pounds I was immediately jealous! I have struggled with my weight my entire life. Probably because I love all things that come from potatoes. Its not that I am genetically fat...I just eat the wrong things. We are all adults here...its the truth.

When I asked her what she did to loose 17 pounds she told me her and her family went on a Whole 30. I was all ears. Until she said:

No sugar
No legumes
No milk
No grains

Um...hmmm...That is my ENTIRE diet. Stick a fork in me I am done.

I just kept listening (well reading we were on Facebook) and then she told me she had more energy. She has six kidos! (she homeschools, has a farm AND she has her own little Herb business...I just love that) Even with my ONE I could still use extra energy. Who couldn't!!! She told me her and her husbands joints stopped hurting...She saw the belly bulge disappear. My light went on. I have a battle of the bulge going on. Some times I have a muffin top. Other times I feel like a busted can of biscuits in spandex. Got a nice visual do ya...its real. I haven't seen or felt my hips since they pulled Caden out via C-Section...and I was laying down. He is almost 3. I am pitiful.

Its not about a "Diet". Diets are for people who are to lazy to work....right? Kind of like getting a free sample from the grocery store. Ill try it but I am in NO WAY going to commit to buying anything.

Its a change of HABIT.

Making better choices.

Learning to feed and fuel your body.

I started reading for myself. Pinterest and I have become best friends. What CAN I eat because I really don't want to focus on the CAN NOT's. Most of everything I am seeing seems pretty eat able. (not to be confused with edible...a grasshopper is edible. Unless I was struggling to survive would I eat a grasshopper)

 I still have food in my cupboard from my last grocery trip so I can't just jump right in. We need to eat what we here goes nothing.

I want everyone to know I am a real person who has real cravings. Those chocolate peanut butter m&m's have left a permanent impression on my thighs. I worked hard to earn those. Now its time to say goodbye.

Who says broccoli isn't for breakfast?? Those eggs have fresh mushrooms, onions and a dash of garlic powder. May I add they were very filling.

Those pancakes are NOT, let me repeat, ARE NOT on the list. Like I said. We are prepping. They are Pumpkin spice pancakes with rolled oats and made with whole wheat flour. Real pumpkin. Spices added by me. The sweetener is stevia...which is also not on the list.

Thank you for stopping by


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I was featured on another blog. First time! whoop whoop!

Hi! My name is Jennifer. Nice to meet you. I have a blog and its called: Emily asked me to be a guest blogger and I couldn't believe when she asked me. I am new to the world of blogging and I learn more I rely on her so much for her advise and her honesty that really I couldn't believe she wanted such an amateur on her blog. She must love you guys to subject her readers to this. Wink Wink. My blog is still in the growing phase so things are constantly changing. I am a DIY'er and like everything else...I want to try to do it myself before I ask for professional help. If you stop by please be gentle.
Those two handsome men are my husband Adam and my miracle baby Caden. I am a new stay-at-home mom that recently "retired" from Walmart management. My life changed completely and Emily thought I should blog about it. I love her for encouraging me.
She wanted me to talk about my natural remedies.
I live in Alabama. (I know what you are thinking...and clearly from my picture we aren't hillbilly's...yet. Keep reading I may change your mind.) We recently moved to a suburb right outside Birmingham and for some reason this place is the bug mecca of the universe. Something is ALWAYS biting us. If its not a mosquito, its a gnat. If its not a gnat, its no see'sm. If you thought you got away from those you step in an ant pile...and fire ants eat you up. Its a constant battle.
I love herbs. They work for us. If there is a natural way to make us feel better I gravitate to those first. I am not a "tree hugger". I DO shave my arm pits...really its not what you think. I just love herbs!
I read something that suggested Chlorophyll (NOT to be confused with Chloroform!!) changes the way your body smells to biting insects. I tried it and it works! Must be taken at a minimum of two hours before you go around biting bugs.
I get ours here.
This one has a light minty flavor and it tastes ok. This is also good for other things in the body this just happens to be a good side effect.
Lets talk about how to stop the itch if you have already been bitten. Something that works well for us is Lavender. Currently I do not use a DoTerra or Young Living. (Maybe that is a blog post for later) I use an organic brand I found here. It works great. My husband doesn't like the smell of it, but I don't find that the scent lingers. You can also mix it with a carrier oil if you would like. I put it straight on the skin. You can do that with this oil.
I also use Elderberry Syrup for things like, colds, flu, allergies and pretty much anything.
This is a picture of what it looks like being drained into a container as the final product.
How about those furbabies? Yes you can give them Herbs too! Its true. Our German Rotty is terribly allergic to flea bites. She will claw herself to death trying to get them off her. I hated to watch her chew at herself. We learned of a medicine that worked well for her called comfortus but it only lasted a few weeks and it was very expensive on our budget. When I learned that an herb called Brewers Yeast stopped the fleas I knew I had to try it. It did work. At $2.00 a bottle...its worth it! We have used it ever since. I am a total believer in herbs. Hands down, no questions asked...I do that FIRST before anything else.
I love all things natural. I hope you have learned a few things. I am in no way a dr. I feel comfortable treating our family and so far it has worked out well. Please feel free to ask me questions! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around.

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Our First Affiliate!

It doesn't take you long, when you arrived at my page, that you know I am new. Especially if you stop by often. Things are always changing. I am ALWAYS researching and trying to find something that looks better or something to add.  If find a blog that has some great pointers... I run with it. If I can get it to work I go with it. That easy. Maybe someday soon I will find something that I can't live without. Hopefully soon for your sake. xox
Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.


Most of you know I love natural remedies. I can't wait for my guest post with Emily Osborne on Wednesday! She asked me to write about my natural remedies. I think its my favorite so far. Check back!! She inspires me to be a better mom, blogger and wife. Seriously. Check out her blog. I love it.
Ok lets get back to the reason why we are here.
We have OUR VERY FIRST AFFILIATE TODAY!!! I feel like I have hit the big time. Although its really not a big deal, it is for me. I am beyond excited I couldn't wait until Wednesday to share it with you.
After I wrote the guest blog this weekend I wanted the bulkherbstore to have an ad on my page. I want them to be as easy to find for my readers as possible. That is all. When I wrote and asked if they wanted a free add on my page I hadn't anticipated them to take it up a notch! They offered to share the sales from my page with me! I love them even more. Although I appreciate them for doing it, that is NOT why I use them. If it isn't something I would feel safe giving to my family I would NOT have them as an affiliate. Check them out. Please and see why I love everything about them. I order all my fresh herbs from them.
Thank you for reading and stopping by!

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A Cheap way to have beautiful nails....and fast.

I started doing this about 6 months ago because I needed to feel pretty...everyone needs that right? When I was doing them today I thought "HEY! I need to blog about it." Ignore the cuticles. Enjoy.
When I tell you I am cheap. I am not kidding. I HATE spending money at a salon. I used to all the time before I stopped working and even then I HATED it. 1. It took entirely to long. 2. I felt like I had to tip even if it took all day. 3. I hated the way the place smelled. YUCK!
After Christmas I really felt UGLY. I needed a cheap way to have my nails look elegant. I bite them. GROSS. They break off and  I just have yucky brittle nails.
Prowling through the nail color aisle in Walmart I saw these. (you can also buy them here)
It was like light came down from the heavens and the angels were singing!--Can you hear them?? At $5.97 this was a STEAL! I could afford to mess them up once and not break the bank...right?? So I took the plunge.
**I get the clear ones with the French tip. They look more "real" and "natural".
I put Caden to bed and while Adam was watching some survivor man... I jumped in with both feet!
Everyone who has had their nails done knows how they put these on...its NOTHING like that.
Step one.
Wash hands
Step two.
Get a paper towel fold it in half
Step three.
Open box
Step four
Take the nail file and lightly file your nails so they are rough
Step five
Push back all of  your cuticles because you'll want the nails to fit under them.
Step six
Size up the nails to yours...all 10 of them and lay them out on your paper towel.
pinky to thumb, thumb to pinky
Step seven
Open glue
Step eight
Starting with the left pinky cover the nail with glue. Not a lot...but coat it like the first coat of nail polish. Attach nail. Making sure the initial attachment is under the cuticle and straight.
Step nine
Hold the nail down for at a MINIMUM of 20 second. Don't skimp. Making sure there are no bubbles.
Step ten
Continue on with the rest of the nails.
These guys last a good two weeks. Unless you break one. I do yard work in them, I clean with them...I do everything with them and they work as good...or better than acrylic nails.
Try it let me know what you think!

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Making your ends meet!

Since I began my new career as a stay-at-home mom I have struggled with the idea of not bring in any income. I do feel like I contribute by doing other things around the house, but I still feel like I need to bring in money. Thought I would share a few ways I help bring in money. Enjoy.

I first started my Mary Kay business just to get my discount, give me something to do and to make sure I could pay for my addiction. Its been a great way to meet moms! I have some great friends I have met through Mary Kay. Its turned into more than just a hobby. Its been an outlet for me in so many ways. It has been a FANTASTIC choice for me. There have been many women that have been in college who have decided to drop their major and did Mary Kay full time and have been extremely successful in Mary Kay. Its as real as you make it.

My second favorite way to make money is through apps on my iPhone. Yes you read that right. Some have apps for other OS's but not many. Its paid for Caden's birthday cake, our family pictures, extra Mary Kay, bills!!! You must have a PayPal account, but that is pretty easy to set up. I promise they wont disappoint. Some are more involved than others and some pay faster, BUT they are PAY! If you are in town or shopping at a store its a quick way to make an extra few bucks! I did have one called Rewardable. I would stay as far way from that app as possible.

I think we also forget about coupons bringing in money. Saving money is just as good if not BETTER than driving around getting jobs. If I can get toothpaste for free I am all about it! My most recent app I found is called Boxed. It is fantastic! Free Shipping no monthly fees! Its like a Costco without the lines or membership fees! (However nothing beats a Costco are right.) Its got everything from Organics to Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile soap. Its got cleaning products to personal hygiene and everything in-between. There is a $25 minimum order but that is easy enough.

I am so cheap now that its become painful to spend money. I HATE shopping in any retail store for new clothes. --Except bras and underwear those are still new-- If I can find a better price, or THINK I can find a better price I will do it first.

My favorite place to shop for groceries is Aldi's. Hands down no if's ands or buts about it. It drives my husband crazy spending money other than his place of business. Where else can a girl get a can of veggies for .49? AND THEY ARE GOOD! I make my list and go there first. I can usually spend about $125 for two weeks. (It has lasted a month before but I hate getting that low on groceries.) We hardly ever eat out and Adam takes lunches to work. You do the math.

Discount grocery stores. We have one local called Wise Buys. I find the most amazing deals here. They have a local butcher so their meat is fresh. Their veggies are local so they are fresh. I bought corn last week 6 for $1.00! Can't beat that! Their cans can be a little dented and a little to much dent isn't good. I usually buy their Rotel when they have it. Its normally $1.25 at Walmart and I get it for .25. Can't beat that price. Some things are expired so always make sure you check dates. (You should be checking them any where you shop anyway)

Thrift Stores. My mom helped us appreciate them when we were younger. Its been an obsession since my sister and I have become older, but can you blame us!? We find awesome deals! We don't have my favorite place to shop- Savers and DI like they have in Utah, but I have found a few clean ones here. The LoveLady in Birmingham not only has a clean store, great prices and great sales,but they have I think the most amazing mission I have seen. (Outside our church ran DI) I love shopping at thrift stores that I know the money I am spending is going to a good cause. Make me feel good about my used purchases. Find a local thrift store that you know your money is going to a good cause.

 Hope you enjoyed and learned a few things!

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A little appetizer until tomorrow. You are welcome.

My sister did this and I thought it was a nice little change. She is a pretty awesome blogger. I lust after her camera all the time. Maybe someday. Enjoy and stop by tomorrow. 

Making : Plans to see my Mom in Atlanta.
Cooking : Pork Chops with homemade mashed potatoes WITH the skins, sautéed mushrooms and young peas...
Drinking : Diet Coke. I am out of Mr Pibb...I know its my only unhealthy thing I do right now...back up off me.
Reading :To train up a child by Michael & Debi Pearl and Six ways to keep the "Good" in your boy by Dannah Gresh. I know I am boring. Told you.
Wanting : To live some where that I don't get eaten either by mosquitos, gnats, or no see ems... 
Looking : For ways to keep our dogs cool during the hot summer months. Thinking about a window fan and auto waterer so they have fresh water all the time.
Playing : Trains...shocked?
Wasting : Leftovers. At least they are going to the dogs. All good things.
Sewing : I am in the middle of a quilt...its been in the making for about 10 years...yeah I know.
Wishing : I knew what the next few months held in store. I hate surprises.
Enjoying : The peace and quiet this morning.
Waiting : For payday...its to truth. I hate having bills in the bill holder.
Liking : My day planner!
Wondering : How I can get rid of processed juices and make my own.
Loving : Listening to superstation 101.1...I love me some Leland Live!!
Hoping :This year will be the year we will get pregnant.
Marveling :How well my almost 3 year old has done potty training.
Needing : My nails and hair done.
Smelling : Peanut Butter no bake cookies cooling on the counter. I made them last night.
Wearing : Walmart t-shirt and yoga pants. (don't worry I don't wear them out of the house)
Following : The elections.
Noticing : How filthy my windows are...didn't I just wash them two days ago. SMH
Knowing : How blessed I really am to be able to stay at home with my son.
Thinking :I need to get one more bale of hay for the dog kennel and a net for the little pool down stairs.
Feeling : Lazy. My beds are made...but I feel like I need to clean something. Maybe the windows.
Bookmarking : Homeschooling. We may hold off about starting. Boys seem to do better when they start later.
Opening : a new box of toothpaste. I really want to make our own but scared to.
Giggling : at my son's imagination.
We cover up so we don't get bites...we still get bit. I am also trying to teach modesty. Don't mind my burn pile.
Thanks for stopping by.
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