My Garbage Can Cover. Love it

Pinterest is DANGEROUS! Does anyone else agree? I can be JUST FINE with the way my house looks and then BAM I see something on pinterest and I am like "Honey...I think we NEEEEEEEED this."  Then I can't get it out of my head. I obsess over it...dream about it and drive my husband crazy over it until I drag him to Lowes and we make it happen. Does this sound familiar??? This happens all the time.
One night trying to put Caden to sleep I saw this:

Ladies and Gentleman my fingers stopped scrolling and my brain was like "Did you just see that? WE NEED THAT". So there you have it. Another Pelley Project (ooo I just came up with that...I kind of like that.) was in motion. My poor husband never even knew what hit him. I screen shotted that bad boy and off to his phone it went. "Hey babe. We need this. Can we make a trip to Lowe's tomorrow?" (did you like how I asked him? Although he already knew the answer was yes) He was in bed in the other room at the time. I knew the moment he opened that text from me and saw this picture he knew his entire Saturday was shot. (and it pretty much was but he loves me)

I drew a picture of how I wanted ours to look. Our spot where our garbage can sits is a little different. Although this wasn't exactly MY idea I needed it to be MY design. Good thing my husband can use power tools. Off to Lowes we went.

We bought:

Spruce Traditional Wood Lattice (1) $13.97- $13.97
 Kiln-Dried Whitewood Stud (4) $2.11-$8.44
Severe Weather Max 5/4 x 6 x 8 Standard Ecolife Treated Decking (3) $3.98-$12.51
Grand Total: $43.49
***Stain Not included!!
**If you don't have a MyLowesCard....Get one! Its not a credit card. It just keeps track of your purchases! Love it.

All those years of him buying tools I NEVER complained, not one single time. Want to know why? Do you see that man cutting wood on a project I wanted...that is why. I am sure he regrets it now. Seeing him bent over like that I know its time to buy a few more pieces that will make his life a little easier. That is soon I am sure.

He is so patient with me. I really mean that. I am pretty sure any other man out there would tell me I have lost my mind and tell me to delete pinterest. Not this one. He is a keeper.

Just like that, the floor and the frame was built. He is an architect I tell ya! I think it probably took him two hours to draw up the measurements and then zip zip there it was.

Next thing I knew we were cutting lattice. (For the VERY first time ever in our married life. It's  pretty tricky.) That is the way it stayed in my garage for over a month. What I HAD to have done that Saturday, sat in the garage! Have I mentioned my husband is a SAINT?

This weekend I finally had a little extra mullah to stain it. I had plenty of time to think about a color. I wanted it as dark as I could possibly get it. I went to Lowes by myself to pick up a few things we needed and looked at outside stain and there she was. Its tintable! Yes you read that right AND its a LATEX BASED STAIN! Is your brain on overload...Mine was! Not sure I have ever seen a stain like that before.

 It is a little on the expensive side; HOWEVER, if I have learned anything in my 8 years of being a home owner its 1. Turn the water off when changing a faucet. (oh my goodness I HAVE to post about that) 2. Cheaper is not always better!

I went with it.

I don't want this post to turn into an advertisement for this stain, but let me just say I just went back and bought another gallon to stain my porch. Its THAT good. I love the color and I love the way it goes on. Its absolutely beautiful. (Don't be alarmed if you get the dark color and it goes on purple it doesn't dry that color...thank goodness!

I still need to spruce around the garage up, but I love the way it looks! Its like a little closet for my garbage can! Now We need to add the trim and she will be all finished.

This is what she looks like from the top of our drive way from the road! I have to say It looks pretty good! Thank you pinterest for the best outside project YET!

Next on the list:

Paint the back deck and this....

Oh YEAH! I am pumped! I have already got permission. He got this text last night and I gave him two choices. I am such a good wife.

Later Taters!

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  1. oh my gosh i love that! and i think i need that stain, the stairs to the game room at the VCH need alittle attention. you can come help if you want since you are experienced. Love you ADAM!! you're the best.

    1. This is the best stain. We stained our porch in our old house and I hated the way it left streak marks. I think my only complaint about this "stain" is it doesn't go a long way. My small back porch took two gallons of paint. I didn't waste a drop.

  2. Good job, Adam! Tyler needs a lesson in how to use power tools. I need him to be my handy man but as of right now, he literally would not know how. Share your wisdom!

    1. It just takes a little bit of practice. Jumping right in and making it happen. Just buy him some power tools momma. He may enjoy it. xoxo