Guilt Free cookies

The title isn't totally right...HOWEVER, when I make them I don't care what is in them. To me they really are guilt free. This is the only food I think my husband and I fight over. They are soooooooo yummy.
Yes I took this with my iPhone and yes those are my pajamas you see. Don't judge me!

I know you only see three...If I told you how many we (I really me I) ate you would make a fat joke. I wont even tell you.

When I find a recipe I like or my family likes I save it in my recipe book. I am NOT smart enough to make things up on my own and then remember them. I am a dumper of spices. I couldn't tell you a recipe if I make something yummy...AND it may never happen again the same. goes.

Oh so delicious, chewy chocolate cookies.
(did I mention they are delicious?)

You'll need a good 10 minutes to put these together and another 10 minutes to cook them. Whether you cook the entire batch is up to you.

Preheat oven 325

Bowl 1.

2 and 1/4th cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 and 1/2 tsp cornstarch (trust me you need it)
1/2 tsp salt

Bowl 2.

3/4 cup melted butter (please don't use margarine)
3/4 cup light brown sugar, loosely packed
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg + 1 egg yoke
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup chocolate chips (or more. more is better)

After butters and sugars are creamed together add the flour mixture.

Take a tablespoon (you know those big fat tablespoons you never use...that one) and dump the dough on a greased cookie sheet. (don't roll them. Don't squish them down. Eat the cookie dough if you want...but cookies don't like to be played with folks! They just want to be dumped on the cookie sheet, baked and eaten with milk)

This is going to go beyond everything you were ever taught about cookies are you ready...cook these for TEN MINUTES! Not one second longer. I am serious. They will look like they aren't done. TRUST ME THEY ARE! Then before they are cooled down you want to take a fork and eat them as FAST as you possibly can. The moment someone else finds out about these

Let me know what you think.

Side note: I will not be responsible for extra weight one might gain from eating these cookies. sorry.

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Why Herbs?

The dream team for the "Cough and Sore Throat be gone". Some time soon I will explain how these bad boys work.
That is a really good question. I know a lot of people are asking the same thing. Using herbs when we are sick is like giving the little soldiers, who are fighting those germs in our bodies, extra weapons to fight with. Depending on how big the battle is depends on how long our fight is and how many doses of the herbs we need to take.  
Hear me out.
MOST prescription drugs have crazy side effects. Have you read them? Yikes. If I have a woman reading this I know if you have taken an antibiotic (which means antilife) chances are you have gotten a yeast infection. Am I right? If I bring an antibiotic into this house I swear my body revolts and I get a yeast infection before I even take it. I am serious. If I was ever prescribed antibiotics I ALWAYS had him write me a yeast infection script. Might as well. Chances are its going to happen. The reason I bring this up is because Herbs don't KILL anything. They are helpers in the fight. (As a general rule. They are antibacterial, but not in a sense we are used to seeing.) I have yet to take an herb that has given me a crazy miserable yeast infection.
Is there a place for antibiotics? YES.
When our immune systems have gotten so weak that we can't get better we do need a little bit of help. However not allowing our bodies to fight infection itself is part of the reason society stays sick. We need to get sick every once in a while so that our bodies build immunities to germs. Think of it as a video game. (I know everyone has played one or two in your lifetime.) What happens when you first start a level you've never seen or done before? You die fast right? Well we don't "die" when we get a virus or a germ, but we do get sick. Depending on how weak our immune system is really depends on how long we stay sick. I am NOT suggesting you stay sick for weeks or months. Not saying that at all. I am saying give your body enough time to win a battle.
Fevers aren't necessarily BAD things.
We have been programed to fear the fever. I know I have. The very first Dr appointment we went to with our son were told to watch out for fevers. If he has one bring him in. If you want to get into the Dr fast with a newborn tell them you have a fever and they will see the baby right away. We have been programed to think.. Fever...Bad. Am I right?? When we need to be treating the symptoms and not the fever.
The fever is the result of something. NOT the problem. If you fail a test at school is it the tests fault? No....Its because you didn't study. If you don't have enough money to pay the bills is it the moneys fault? No its because you either spent it all or need to earn more.
Are  you following me?
Fevers are a sign that your bodies immune system is working! To kill germs our bodies HEAT UP! That is an AWESOME sign! That means our bodies are doing EXACTLY as it is suppose to do.
Side Note: Prolonged High fevers are dangerous.
Obviously you need to watch the temp. Most children when they have a low grade fever are still active. I know mine is. Treating the patient seems to be out of the question. We treat the Fever and then well...we have even sicker babies because we keep putting the soldiers who are fighting the germs to sleep.
Ok I am off my soap box.
 Do herbs take longer to work? Yes. Why?
Well really this depends on how weak (or sluggish) your immune system is. Have you relied most of your life on OTC drugs and prescription drugs? Then chances are your body has forgotten how to fight. It may take a little longer. Herbs aren't a crutch. Its like adding more weapons to your soldiers already fighting the battle in your body. Does that make sense? When we give our bodies herbs to fight it does take longer because our bodies are doing the work. We aren't sending "hired" help...We ARE the help! Be patient with yourself and your bodies. We need to take care of them. It starts with the food we eat.

How come the herbs I am taking aren't working?

That's a great question. Couple of things you need to remember. 1. You need to take less and more frequently. Modern Medicine is the exactly opposite. Lets bombard your bodies and then we will go from there. Herbs are the exact opposite. A little at a time but in a few hours or even an hour later you take more. Sometimes you take the herbs every 20 minutes. 2. What works for me may or may not work for you. What works for my 3 year old son may or may not work for me. I think a lot of the time people get frustrated and give up.
There are some germs you probably need help one recently in the news...the Ebola...
But seriously...the common flu or cold? Come on folks...start taking care of your bodies and your bodies will take care of you.

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Becoming an "Herbie"

In my adult years I remember my grandmother trying to heal herself with herbs. Honestly, I thought she was crazy. Lets be honest. I know half (or most) probably thought she was crazy. Now that I am older and have my own son, I think there is something to these herbs.
It started with my Elderberry syrup. 
Then it got out of control from there.
There is something rewarding about making your own healing concoctions that have come from the ground. (No I am not a hippie and yes I DO shave my arm pits.) Taking control of my own healthcare in every sense of the word. Making this side note: Because I feel COMFORTABLE knowing where my limits are. I am not saying I will NEVER take my family to the dr. I had to about a month ago because I thought my son needed stitches...sorry I am not breaking out the needle and thread and sewing my boy up...aint happenin. Let me add this other side note. These aren't my own concoctions. I am not a Certified Herbalist. Yet. (maybe someday soon) I spend probably hundreds of hours researching someone or something before I put it into my body and most definitely before it goes into my sons body. Just like prescription drugs herbs act and react to each other.  These plants can be used for so much. I love talking about herbs and researching a new remedy. It is so exciting.
My son and I recently caught a bug. I should have known it was coming because we finally got into our home and back on a semi-normal routine. Our bodies where WORN OUT. Lots and lots of late night, eating out and little sleep does not do well on a body. I don't care how healthy you are. Get around someone who might be a little sick and your immune system doesn't stand a chance.
The most annoying part of this illness we caught is the sore throat. I don't want to be over dramatic, but I want to say I think I would rather be throwing up than have a sore throat. Do you realize how much you swallow??? Even while you sleep. Its a lot. I cringe when I know the time is coming I have to swallow...and can you say DRAGON BREATH! YUCK. (or at least I feel like it)
I broke out my book called "Herbal Remedies for Children's Heath." by Rosemary Gladstar. The more I read her stuff the more I am in love with her. Her stuff is rather simple and easy to follow. In the front of her book she tells you the herbs you should have on hand if you have children and how they work. Thats my kind of lady. Don't just tell me a recipe...I want to know WHY  you are using these herbs. Right??
This remedy although for children it still works on adults.
*Not to be taken if pregnant*

There are some people who want to keep their remedy's a secret. That's fine. My dream is to have more people taking control of not only their heath by eating better, but by becoming more comfortable with remedies that have been used for centuries. They work. We just need to learn to use them correctly. Give our healing back to our bodies.
I am selling these little bags of goodness for the cost of the herbs and the cost of shipping. The time I spend putting these babies together is my gift to you. All the herbs are bought from certified organic companies. I do not grow my own. It comes with everything you need minus the honey (It needs to be local and raw...please don't give it to children under 1) and filtered water.
One last thing.
I usually want to include a "smell check" and a "taste check" with all the remedies I share. Here goes.
Smell: My husband looks for the dog poop every single time he comes in the house and I am making one of these. I HONESTLY don't think its THAT bad. Really. Do I think it smells yummy like Elderberry syrup. Nope. No where in the same universe. Have your windows open and a vent going. If it didn't work...I probably wouldn't be making this again. When it has cooled down and is in the fridge it smell like a very strong spiced cider. When you add the honey its not nearly as bad, but its strong.
Taste: Its strong. Its a very bitter spicy remedy. The first couple spoonful's took my breath away, but the results are worth going back for more. Anything that makes the pain of swallowing go away...I am all for it.
Cough and Sore throat be Gone:
2 Parts Slippery Elm Bark
2 Parts Valerian
2 Parts Wild Cherry Bark
2 Parts Licorice Root
4 Parts Fennel Seeds
1 Part Cinnamon Bark
1/2 Part Gingerroot
1/8 Part Orange Peel
I will break these down in my next post and why it works. Again. This isn't MY PERSONAL concoction. When I bought everything to make this it came to about $80. Its a lot of money to invest if you only get sick once a year. I just want to share the goodness.

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