Living in a bubble.

I am hoping this is a reality check for some folks.
Not that life needs to be all doom and gloom, but hiding out avoiding the news needs to stop. Before you exit out the side door please PLEASE just hear me out. I promise I will keep it light.
I think my most favorite thing people say is "I don't care about politics". Fine. Whatever. We all have things that we are "Interested in": Books, gardening, hiking, climbing. Its America. We do what we want. We live in the GREATEST Country in the world. That's a FACT. Don't believe what anyone else tells you. We didn't get to be the biggest powerhouse by licking envelops.
This isn't about declaring a side or running for an office.
I don't expect you to know what or who a "Majority Whip" is.
Really, I could careless if you know how many seats there are in the House or Senate.
HOWEVER if you are GOING to CHOOSE a better bring it.
Those of you who say "I don't vote. I don't like either candidate" Move. Its usually the ones that DONT vote that have the most crap to say. (I do want everyone to vote, but vote because you KNOW who you are voting for and not just because his or her butt looks good in jeans) There are people who DIED fighting for the RIGHT to vote. You don't like voting? Get the heck out! I am serious. Go. Move to Cuba...Move to Ethiopia. I don't care. We don't want you here any more. Yes I understand that is your right NOT to vote, but there are people all around the world who WANT to vote and they CANT! Go live in a country where you don't have to worry about voting.

You do more research on pinterest than we, as a country, do for electing people to represent us. We are not paying attention to who is making decisions that are effecting and affecting our entire life. If you are one of those people who DONT VOTE...

Get out!
I had a conversation with a friend today and asked her what her thoughts were on the IRS email scandal and she literally had no idea what I was talking about. (notice that link ISNT Fox News) Really? I backed up a little bit. Have you ever heard of Lois Lerner? Crickets...Ok. Lets start over. How about the ObamaCare website issues? (COUGH Train wreck) Still nothing. I am in utter shock and disbelief. A Loss for words doesn't even come close to describing my frame of mind.
I don't care if I share the same opinion about a specific topic with someone. I don't. Life is generally more exciting when we don't live in a society where we all are EXACTLY the same and have the same views. Not all of us want to drive a jacked up pick up truck with mud tires.  Its not about being a Liberal Democrat or a declared Tea Party conservative. Those are terms created by people who want to put us in separate groups to divide us as a nation.
Divided we fall. Remember that.
A tree is a tree no matter where it lives.
When water freezes it is cold.
If I take something that isn't mine I have STOLEN something.
Is anyone following me?

The truth is the truth no matter who is reporting it. No matter what side of the fence you sit on. Breaking a law shouldn't be different just because of a title you hold or what tax bracket you fall into. The only way you KNOW if the people you have VOTED for (since by now if you are living in this country you have voted right?) is actually doing the things you sent them to do is to PAY ATTENTION!

We have GOT to start educating ourselves about what is going on in our country, or some day you are going to wake up and its going to be nothing like the country you remembered as a kid. I get its not all fun to watch. Some days I would rather watch the grass grow; however, ignoring it doesn't make it go away it makes you ignorant and uneducated.

We have grown adults who have no idea who our vice president is. We have children who have just graduated from high school that have no idea why we celebrate the fourth of July! (Are you kidding me? What in the CRAP are we teaching in schools?) I bet everyone knows how to use a condom and what it looks like. Should we take bets?

GO VOTE! (please educated yourself first)

Teach your children to want to VOTE!

If you don't know who to vote for? Listen to LeLand Live on SuperStation 101.1 they start at 4 pm central time OR read yellowhammer News! They both are great about breaking it down to any level you are at. One day when you decided to pick up a newspaper or watch "real" news you have a clue what is going on. (Unlike a certain someone who seems to never know what is going on unless he watches Fox News. At least he is watching the right one. Opinion)

Pick a side and let me know why. 

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    1. One of those rants I had to get out and facebook wasn't appropriate.

  2. Actually, Ireland is the greatest country in the world... The USA is 21st.

    1. I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions. It probably would have meant a little more if you weren't anonymous. So for now...we will just assume for now that your statement is just that, an opinion.