Whole 30. Results already? I haven't even started.

We haven't' started yet. Still in the "prepping stage" getting rid of everything that is not "compliant". Although I am not one to just throw food away...I am either using it or giving it to the dogs if they can eat it.
In moving more towards Whole 30 I have not eaten 1 bean. Which for me is a BIG DEAL...I LOVE pinto beans. Could eat them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
I have had 3 cups of milk. Two of which were in organic cereal. Not that the organic matters so much.
One small hand full of cheddar cheese. On eggs. I later regretted it.
Three bowls of noodles. I am a Noodle girl. I think I was born with noodles in my mouth. Really.
What I have noticed just in two weeks and I haven't even officially started--
My stomach isn't bloated. I can almost feel my hips again. WHO KNEW! Almost introduced myself.
I am more...um...hmm...how do I say this nicely..."regular"...by that I mean 3-4 times a day. TMI I know but its true.
I have already lost weight. Those 5 pounds I am SURE has nothing to do with the previously mentioned sentence.
I sleep so much HARDER than before. If there was such a thing. As a child I could sleep through a tornado siren that was in our backyard on Ft Rucker. True story.
I can not wait to see the results of 30 days! Now back to meal planning.

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