Does the label really make a difference?

In my journey to the discovery of "real food" I have stumbled on a fantastic form of food called "Organic". Have you seen these items? I am sure you have they are usually twice as much and it doesn't LOOK any different...yeah those items. I have spent YEARS avoiding them. I couldn't see the benefit of spending twice as much for food that looked the same. I love a bargain and don't want to spend a dime more for something if I can get it cheaper. (unless the brand is just nasty...then I will spend the extra dime)
Most of you know I shop at Aldi's. I know! My husband is a store manager at Walmart and I shop at Aldi's. -Like I said I can't spend more on groceries if someone else sells it cheaper.- When you get mac n cheese for .39 a box and it is GOOD, why spend $1.99 on the same thing??
My first item I purchased that was "organic" and WAY more expensive, was the grass fed ground beef. By expensive I am talking I could have bought TWO for the price of this one item. Its that serious!

I have several friends that buy a 1/2 a cow that is grass fed and said there is no other way to eat beef now. Can it really be that big of a difference? I can say without a shadow of a doubt and without hesitation YES! Hands down it isn't even in the same zip code. How is that possible? Its the same SPECIES of MEAT! I can tell you in one word. Are you ready?


Our food isn't food anymore. Its chemicals. Right down to what our food consumes. Chemicals. Might as well go drink pine sol from under your kitchen sink. (don't really do it ok)

I decided that since I had a good experience with ONE organic item I would try another.

We drink a lot of juice. Caden still drinks half and half because there is no nutritional value in straight up juice. You really need the fiber IN the apple. (that is another discussion) Our last trip to Aldi's  they had this next to the other apple juice. I thought I would give it a try. Yet again I was BLOWN AWAY! I HAD to try it when we got home. I still had the other juice in the fridge I just had to see if it tasted any different. I  noticed when I opened the lid that it even SMELLED different. How is this possible? What are we giving our children all over the United States? This stuff is given through WIC! Scares me when I think about it.

This trip I decided to expand my radar to anything else Aldi's sells that is organic. Other than the grass fed beef everything has been extremely reasonable and not THAT much more expensive. Totally worth it to me to have my food TASTE better.

I am a noodle and sauce junkie. My pants hate me for it. I think my father is a noodle. My last meal on this earth will probably have noodles in it. I love noodles...and so does my son. I have tried and tested a lot of marinara sauces. Everything from the .99 to the $10 a jar stuff. I will tell you right now I am done tasting and done buying. This stuff is AMAZING. It tastes like something a grandmother would be simmering on the stove all day. It tastes like REAL food. If my stomach wasn't so full and hurt from all the noodles I just ate (which were also organic) I would make me another bowl. Hands down the best stuff I have ever eaten.

I never thought I would say this, but I really am impressed with organic. Will I spend twice as much on food now that I know it tastes better? NO. Maybe someday...but right now I can't force myself to do it. Aldi's just needs to get on the ball and make everything organic. I am now converted. Try just maybe too.

Thanks for reading.

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Lets talk about "Normal"

I didn't think I would get to blog again for awhile, but I am here. I miss it. Its a place where I can let my hair down and not be politically correct or worry about someone else getting their feelings hurt. This is my little corner of the world if they don't like what I have to say...leave. Plus I have missed you. I am back for now. Waiting for our house to close hopefully soon.

A few weeks ago I got a text from my sister asking me if I had anxiety or panic attacks. Which is a weird question for her because this is the sister that I have never seen cry. She is one of those girls that could possibly break a leg and keep on going. She gave birth to a 10 pound baby and my mom said she never complained or cried one second during the entire thing. I never hear her raise her voice...never hear her complain...I never thought I would ever say this, but she is the mom I've always wanted to be. We don't agree on everything (like herbs and conventional medicines) but who needs to right?
I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks possibly my entire life. Its not something I advertise. Not something I tell a lot of people about. Not something I share. Not that I feel like its a flaw. I just feel like we are all sent here with our own little kinks and we need to learn how to live with them and share with others.  Its about growing and helping each other out. That is why we are here. To love one another.
Trying to explain to someone that has never experienced an anxiety or panic attack is like trying to describe the smell of a flower to someone that doesn't have a sense of smell. Its like trying to tell a pregnant couple how their entire world is about to change when their baby arrives. Until one has one, you really have no idea. You have no idea how scary they really are until you have experienced them yourself. They are not logical. Nothing about them is. I can't tell you why I have to have a drink in the car with me when I go some where. Even if I never drink it. I can't tell you why things have to be a certain way before I go to bed at night. I can't. I just have to.
I can remember sitting in the high school bathrooms during lunch because I couldn't bare to sit in the lunchroom and sit with friends. Feeling like I was going to throw up, stop breathing and pass out if I stepped one foot into the cafeteria. Not being able to go to "parties" because it was over whelming to be around so many people I knew. Being totally scared out of my mind to go to a school dance because everyone would look at me. How about not wanting to have a baby shower because I would have to much attention on me? Sitting here thinking back to all these moments makes it hard for me to breathe. Sharing these experiences with my sister is extremely difficult because it makes me vocalize and explain in a way that will make sense to someone who is dealing with the same thing. Like I said they aren't logical.
The reason I am telling you this, is because everyone in our lives handles things differently. You don't have to understand what they are going through. You don't even need to have gone through it to be supportive.
Understanding the process, however, is EXTREAMLY important.
Telling them to "stop freaking out" doesn't help. Telling them "this isn't normal" doesn't help. Most of the time asking "what can I do to help" makes it worse...If I knew what I could do to fix it I would already. Making fun of people who have had to get medical attention for anxiety attacks makes the ones who need it not want to get help. Medicine doesn't make them weak.
Sometimes all we need is someone to talk to us about their day. Sometimes we need a change of atmosphere. Sometimes we need someone to talk us through whatever it is that is making us have a panic attack. However every single time we need someone to be there being supportive. Not judging us for being "crazy". (Emily uses that word. Its a loving term I promise) There isn't anything wrong with us. We are normal. We just need to learn to handle situations differently.

I see my son having them and know right away how to handle it. He is to little to vocalize what is going on internally. His body language, facial expression, and color speaks volumes. Leaving where ever we are is the only way to make things better. Possibly talking about it later will help him understand what happened, but he may not really register it until later in life.

I love you Emily. Thank you for making me feel useful. xoxo

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He has arrived. Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

I probably had the most perfect text book pregnancy anyone could have asked for. Other than being pregnant in Alabama in JULY and looking like a swollen watermelon; I really felt great. (I do however have stretch marks on my ankles from my ankles getting so huge...who does that?)
Never a problem.

I had the typical, can't sleep, need to pee, starving, uncomfortable days...but aren't those NORMAL!?
I had joked the entire pregnancy that I was cutting Caden off at 8 pounds. My sister had an almost 10 pound baby and my right leg weighs more than she does. I was terrified of having a big baby and getting torn to pieces. I scheduled a day to be induced. I wanted to make sure I had my family in the same state to help and enjoy this day with my husband and family. Day set, family flown in and we had our final appointment. Our dr had said that my blood pressure was slightly elevated and that I needed to come back that night and we would start the process. YES!!! Our son would be here before we knew it.
Its so interesting I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I am sure I will the rest of my life. We went to dinner with Keith (my step father. Although he is more like a real father to me. That is an entire different story) and my husband at the Olive Garden. I love pasta! I needed a few carbs to make sure I had enough energy to get me through the next few days...right???

After dinner we headed over to settle into our giant suite at the hospital. It was GINORMOUS! I felt like I was in a penthouse of a local hotel. (Ive never been in one, but if I would look like this) We really could of had a high school prom in my room. Right smack in the middle of this huge thing was my bed and monitors. When we got there the nurse gave me this beautiful hospital gown (sarcasm)  and told me to "undress and put this on". I have a question...why is it they can spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a room but spend $12 on a gown? Really? If they can't provide nice hospital gowns may I suggest you bill us for one? You charge us almost a million dollars for a birth a half way decent gown wont hurtcha.

Did anyone sleep the night before? I certainly didn't. The two Ambien they gave me didn't help either. I think it may have done the exact opposite to me AND Caden. It also didn't help that I kept removing the monitors on my belly and the nurse would come in and make me put them back on.

Emily and Adam were in the room with me that night. Both sleeping like babies. How I envied them.

That next morning bright and early my nurse came in and started the process.

Oh for the love of all.

Roll to your left.

Roll to your right.

Hike your left leg...Hike your leg right.




I need to pee.

Hour one down. I was already exhausted and the process just got started.

My first mistake was thinking that labor was easy. LIES! Its called LABOR for a reason ladies and gentleman. None of this is easy. Being strapped to a bed makes it worse.

Moving on.

As the day progressed and the Pitocin was being increased Caden wasn't liking it much. When they decided at around 12 that they were going to break my water his heart rate bottomed out created a big problem. After inserting a fetal monitor on the top of Caden's head and attaching a constant running stream of saline solution into my uterus and placing me on my left side Caden was back to a normal heart rate. At this point since I can't move from the position I was in I got a catheter. First time ever...I could have went my entire life never having one. Then the leg compression cuff went on...THEN the oxygen to my face happened...THEN the blood pressure cuff went on...THEN the oxygen level red light thingy went on my finger! Did you catch all that?

1. Constant stream of water into my uterus. (I felt like my water was breaking for 6 hours non stop)
2. Cath...YAY.
3. Leg compressions
4. oxygen
5. blood pressure cuffs
6. Red light on my finger
7. Lets not forget the 3-4 IV's I had

Oh and don't forget the contractions that are abnormally strong and unnaturally more intense...Lets just say I was slightly irritable.

Every single time I would have a contraction ONE of those if not all of them would go off. Finally I looked at the nurse and said...I can't handle all of these things on me. "If you are good and you keep your oxygen level up I will let you take the oxygen mask off"...Who breaths through a contraction! Not me I held my breath. Needless to say I didn't get anything taken off.

I think around 1 I asked for an epidural. I needed something to help me relax. I was having panic attacks. I was freaking out about Caden. Every contraction was making his heart rate unstable. (that is what unnatural contractions do to a baby) The Pitocin made me shake so bad I couldn't get my teeth to stop chattering. (Also another side effect) I couldn't rest. I couldn't relax. I wasn't progressing.

When I said those magic words it was like everyone stopped what they were doing and called "The Man" in a few short minutes he was there. I didn't care how big the needle was. I didn't care. At that point if they would have said "I am going to have to chop off a finger" I think I would have let them. During the process of getting the epidural you are told not to move or there could be bad things that happen. Yikes!  When it started to kick in...I felt NOTHING below my lungs. Almost had a hard time breathing. (which is another side effect) However I was finally able to relax.

My mom jokes around and tells me that I have a low tolerance for pain, but let me tell you something. The nurse really did have it turned up high. Adam would ask about the line on the contracts and the nurse would tell him they were pretty intense. Contractions like that don't happen until the END. I was in the middle. They build up. I was miserable.

The epidural lasted an hour. I slept great. Then we had company. As Brooke was saying good bye she went to squeeze my foot and I felt it. She said "You shouldn't have felt that." She was right that's when things went south.

The epidural didn't happen right. Somewhere along the way it kinked. "The Man" came back in and gave me a "boost" it lasted a few short 10 minutes. Both him and my nurse looked at each other and were a little nervous. (I think everyone in the hospital knows a lot of meds aren't good for the baby, or momma, but they have you so cranked up on Pitocin you feel like you are trapped) I NEEDED another one. Adam signed another waver and they tried again.

The Dr came in and said "I am worried about infection setting in and Caden isn't handling the contractions well, I think we should do a C-section." It was 4:45. I had not even been in Labor an entire 12 hours yet and I felt like he had already given up on me. I think when I heard "infection" and "Caden isn't' handling the contractions well" I panicked. Wouldn't you?? First time mom here. I want a healthy baby. I don't care what happens to me. Slice me, cut me, take my belly and flip it over my face...I don't care just make sure my baby is alive. Right?

Off we went.

The GREAT thing about this was all the contraptions I acquired came off for an hour. It was great!

In the OR the epidural that I had, started wearing off again. I could feel things and I was moving my legs. That shouldn't be happening. As they were prepping me I could feel cold, I could feel them cutting, I could feel them moving things around. It was terrible and very scary. "The Man" looked at me and turned white and said "I can't give you anything else. We have to wait until the baby is out. I will knock you out as soon as he is here." The room started spinning and I could feel myself passing out. I just wanted to see my baby before I blacked out. I wanted to hear him cry! I wanted to make sure he was ok. "Please God let me hear my baby cry before I black out"

He put an alcohol swab under my oxygen tubes. Hoping that would help me not to get sick or pass out. They pulled Caden out and everyone was happy. I couldn't hear anything. Having a sheet over my face I was panicking not hearing him. Tears began to steam down my face thinking the worst. Why isn't my little guy crying! I looked at Adam scared something was wrong. "He is just fine they are just cleaning him off." Finally the sound every momma wants to hear. Those lungs wide open and the screams of their newly born little. Music to a mommas ears.

Then they showed him to me.

In that moment, a connection no one understands but new parents, was formed. Nothing else mattered. Not the pain. Not the blood all over the room. Not the vomit on my face. Nothing. I just wanted to hold my son. I wanted to place him on my bare chest and talk to him. Introduce myself. Just tell him how much I loved him. Stare into those eyes and smell his sweet smell. Hold this tiny little person that had grown inside of my belly for 9 months. I still can't explain how I could love someone or something I had just met. My entire universe I had known 15 minutes ago...had stopped and had changed to him.

We were finally parents.

The part no one talks about will be next.

Thank you for stopping by.

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Not all milk comes from Mammals

Living in a Whole 30 world you learn a lot of different ways to cook. Living in a world that you have become obsessed with reading get turned off with almost anything you pick up at the store. When I read the ingredients on the back of the Almond Milk by silk I wasn't impressed.

When I got home from the grocery store I decided to see how difficult it was to make almond milk. It seemed easy
Like any good house wife I had to try it.

They started out like this. No big deal. After a few hours of soaking the water started turning white. I thought "Alright!" this maybe the easiest milk substitute ever!

That right there is one 8 oz bag of almonds in the funnel. I think I got 8 dips. My heart sank. Then the squeezing and the twisting and the "milking" began. Ever tried to milk an almond? Ever seen teets on an almond? I rest my case.

See that crazy mess all over my counter? I had to cut cheese cloth 5 times in this process because each time I DEMOLISHED it! The bowl you can barely see on the right was full to the brim from left over almonds from the "milking" process. The apples on the top were cut for my son in the middle of this process and then he decides he doesn't want "apples shapes". Fine. Whatever. (When did he become so picky?) That used paper towel on the left was one of many in this process. --Don't tell my crunchie friends I still use paper towels. (yikes)

Total time into this entire process???


 Was it good? Yes. It had a very clean taste.
 Did I enjoy drinking it? Yes.
Will I be making this all the time? NO! Why you ask?

1. I have learned that I do not enjoy milking almonds.
2. Entirely way to messy
3. All that time I think I could have been playing with my son.

**I honestly ended up throwing it away because I couldn't stand the thought of drinking it after all that work I put into it. I know that sounds ridiculous.**

Sorry. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone.

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A little stress never felt so good.

Its been a little bit since I have posted anything. After we found out my husband got the job I have put all my efforts and energy into selling our current home and finding us a home in our new location. This is the first time I have done everything by myself. Not that I am incapable, because I have been rocking it, but I have a lot of questions and I am trying to not stress out my husband at his new job. I am sure I am driving my realtors and my mortgage lender batty!

I could not be more proud of my husband. Twenty two months ago my husband moved from Asset Protection to Operations in Walmart. He had been in operations about 9 years ago, but decided that he wanted to try something different. My husband is an over achiever and is at every thing he sets his mind to. (I am not just saying that because I am his wife) When we decided it was time for me to stay home and he needed to make more money he switched over. There hasn't been a calm day since then.
I took on the role of sole ownership of every single responsibility in the house. Only because I WANTED him to never have to worry about a single thing at home and focus ALL of his attention and energy at work. Period. It has finally paid off.
Adam went from an Assistant Manager to Co-Manager to Store Manager in a short 22 months. For those of you that do not know much about retail or the world of Walmart that is UNHEARD of. (Did I mention he is an over achiever?) He has been non-stop for 22 months. Its been an exhausting journey for all of us.

That is an impressive sign! Not the plastic ones everyone else uses.
I am also pretty proud of the realtor name on that sign.
Now that we finally have our own store (You better believe its a WE. WE have all earned it) its time to move. AGAIN! Fourteen months ago we were living in a RV and now we are selling and moving. We didn't have any intentions of moving this quickly. I had anticipated we would stay here a minimum of three years and then we would have our own store. That has created a stress all in of itself. HOWEVER I have THE BEST realtor in the Birmingham area. I am serious. Don't believe me? Her name is Kelley Shaw Smith. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She helped us find the house we are currently living in. She helped us look for a house while we were living in Cullman and would be sending me homes at all hours of the night. Answering my texts NO MATTER WHAT. Was always so patient and kind and never gave up. Even after the 300th house she sent me and I NO! I apologized and she said "Jennifer its my job not just to sell you a house, but to FIND you a house you love."  Then one morning bright and early she sends me a texts that says "I think I found a keeper. It just listed." I took a peak and made the trek. Our current home was on the market for less than 24 hours when we made an offer. THE KEY to finding a good home is having the BEST realtor who works for you. Don't EVER settle for less than Kelley Shaw Smith quality!

We found a house where we are moving to YAY! (YET AGAIN a good realtor makes the difference.) House was on the market LESS THAN 24 hours.  So begins the journey of getting this house closed ASAP!

Isn't she a beauty! She looks bigger than she really is. What I like most...its only a few minutes away from my husbands new store! Thank goodness! AND...wait for it....I maybe able to have chickens and bees! YES!!!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I will have an update for you soon.

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Confessions from a new "Label Reader" part two

Several blog posts ago I wrote about food labels. Hopefully some of you are looking at what you are putting in your tum tum after you read that. If you aren't I encourage you to do so. In that post I said something about not being able to find the Velveeta ingredients online so I FINALLY went to the store and took some pictures. BTW no store really WANTS you to take pictures of their stuff. Unless you are a professional don't try this at home.
There she is. In all her "Melts better and 45% less fat" glory. I think the commercials calls it "liquid gold" doesn't it? (wait isn't that suppose to be breast milk that is liquid gold)
First of all let me clarify something. I HAVE eaten this and on occasion I do CRAVE my mothers queso dip. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Its true.
Did you know that this stuff comes in unrefrigerated? (I worked for a grocery retailer I know. I have seen it come in on pallets off a HOT NASTY truck and it didn't melt. just said it melts better than cheese) That should speak volumes. I am not sure why they put it in the refrigerated section. Maybe to make you feel better? I think in some places it is just on the shelf.
I am not going to bust this down and link up every single ingredient like I did in my first post, but what I do want to do is link the ones I can't pronounce or know what it is without a science degree....anyone have one of those?
Sodium Phosphate--After looking this one up I remembered what it was. It sounds delicious.
Modified Food Starch--My favorite part of that article " the word "food" in its description interjects some ambiguity into the mix" What in the CRAP are we eating???
Calcium Phosphate-- Do you ever suffer from any kind of stones? There is your culprit!
Maltodextrin-- FILLER
Sodium Alginate--comes from brown algae. Very salty.  
Sodium Citrate--Check out the side effects
Apocarotenal--That explains why velveeta is yellow.
Things I just learned from writing this:
1. I now understand why we all have health issues. This isn't food. Healthcare starts with the food we put into our bodies. Not treating the symptoms later.
2. Why are we demonizing cheddar cheese? Not all fats are created equal!   The Dr who came up with the "Low Fat/No Fat" diet...died of depression. No lie. Your body and BRAIN need fat to survive.
3. I may possibly never buy that again. I need to find another way to make my moms cheese dip.
Now for the "No preservative" Ketchup.

When I first saw that I was like "YEAH! Good Job Hunts for stepping up and making a healthy option for moms like me". First of all...Its NOT refrigerated. Red FLAG! Second...That ketchup is good for TWO YEARS! excuse me? Anyone leave a tomato on your counter for a few weeks? Yuck! What did they do to those tomatoes that they are good on the shelf for TWO YEARS! They aren't tomatoes folks. That's all I am saying.

Then I read the label:

I love that they used vined ripened tomatoes...I guess its better than getting the green ones. How else do tomatoes grow?
HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! Ok, so maybe that ISNT technically a "preservative" but excuse are taking advantage of people who think are making a "better choice".  Smashing that on the very top of your label makes you, in my book, a LIAR!
There is that Natural flavors again...why are they so afraid of telling us what that is exactly??
Is anyone else bothered by companies selling us food that is making all of us sick?! Don't believe me? Go back and read the side effects of the ingredients I just showed you. Don't believe me still?? Do a little research.
I went and spent over $100 on real food at the grocery store a few weeks ago and the food went bad faster than I could eat it. I am not used to that. I am all about shopping 1 time a month. Real food goes bad FAST. That's how you know its real food. We HAVE to change the way we look at food. Your families health and your children's health depend on you.
Make it happen momma!

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Living in a bubble.

I am hoping this is a reality check for some folks.
Not that life needs to be all doom and gloom, but hiding out avoiding the news needs to stop. Before you exit out the side door please PLEASE just hear me out. I promise I will keep it light.
I think my most favorite thing people say is "I don't care about politics". Fine. Whatever. We all have things that we are "Interested in": Books, gardening, hiking, climbing. Its America. We do what we want. We live in the GREATEST Country in the world. That's a FACT. Don't believe what anyone else tells you. We didn't get to be the biggest powerhouse by licking envelops.
This isn't about declaring a side or running for an office.
I don't expect you to know what or who a "Majority Whip" is.
Really, I could careless if you know how many seats there are in the House or Senate.
HOWEVER if you are GOING to CHOOSE a better bring it.
Those of you who say "I don't vote. I don't like either candidate" Move. Its usually the ones that DONT vote that have the most crap to say. (I do want everyone to vote, but vote because you KNOW who you are voting for and not just because his or her butt looks good in jeans) There are people who DIED fighting for the RIGHT to vote. You don't like voting? Get the heck out! I am serious. Go. Move to Cuba...Move to Ethiopia. I don't care. We don't want you here any more. Yes I understand that is your right NOT to vote, but there are people all around the world who WANT to vote and they CANT! Go live in a country where you don't have to worry about voting.

You do more research on pinterest than we, as a country, do for electing people to represent us. We are not paying attention to who is making decisions that are effecting and affecting our entire life. If you are one of those people who DONT VOTE...

Get out!
I had a conversation with a friend today and asked her what her thoughts were on the IRS email scandal and she literally had no idea what I was talking about. (notice that link ISNT Fox News) Really? I backed up a little bit. Have you ever heard of Lois Lerner? Crickets...Ok. Lets start over. How about the ObamaCare website issues? (COUGH Train wreck) Still nothing. I am in utter shock and disbelief. A Loss for words doesn't even come close to describing my frame of mind.
I don't care if I share the same opinion about a specific topic with someone. I don't. Life is generally more exciting when we don't live in a society where we all are EXACTLY the same and have the same views. Not all of us want to drive a jacked up pick up truck with mud tires.  Its not about being a Liberal Democrat or a declared Tea Party conservative. Those are terms created by people who want to put us in separate groups to divide us as a nation.
Divided we fall. Remember that.
A tree is a tree no matter where it lives.
When water freezes it is cold.
If I take something that isn't mine I have STOLEN something.
Is anyone following me?

The truth is the truth no matter who is reporting it. No matter what side of the fence you sit on. Breaking a law shouldn't be different just because of a title you hold or what tax bracket you fall into. The only way you KNOW if the people you have VOTED for (since by now if you are living in this country you have voted right?) is actually doing the things you sent them to do is to PAY ATTENTION!

We have GOT to start educating ourselves about what is going on in our country, or some day you are going to wake up and its going to be nothing like the country you remembered as a kid. I get its not all fun to watch. Some days I would rather watch the grass grow; however, ignoring it doesn't make it go away it makes you ignorant and uneducated.

We have grown adults who have no idea who our vice president is. We have children who have just graduated from high school that have no idea why we celebrate the fourth of July! (Are you kidding me? What in the CRAP are we teaching in schools?) I bet everyone knows how to use a condom and what it looks like. Should we take bets?

GO VOTE! (please educated yourself first)

Teach your children to want to VOTE!

If you don't know who to vote for? Listen to LeLand Live on SuperStation 101.1 they start at 4 pm central time OR read yellowhammer News! They both are great about breaking it down to any level you are at. One day when you decided to pick up a newspaper or watch "real" news you have a clue what is going on. (Unlike a certain someone who seems to never know what is going on unless he watches Fox News. At least he is watching the right one. Opinion)

Pick a side and let me know why. 

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My Garbage Can Cover. Love it

Pinterest is DANGEROUS! Does anyone else agree? I can be JUST FINE with the way my house looks and then BAM I see something on pinterest and I am like "Honey...I think we NEEEEEEEED this."  Then I can't get it out of my head. I obsess over it...dream about it and drive my husband crazy over it until I drag him to Lowes and we make it happen. Does this sound familiar??? This happens all the time.
One night trying to put Caden to sleep I saw this:

Ladies and Gentleman my fingers stopped scrolling and my brain was like "Did you just see that? WE NEED THAT". So there you have it. Another Pelley Project (ooo I just came up with that...I kind of like that.) was in motion. My poor husband never even knew what hit him. I screen shotted that bad boy and off to his phone it went. "Hey babe. We need this. Can we make a trip to Lowe's tomorrow?" (did you like how I asked him? Although he already knew the answer was yes) He was in bed in the other room at the time. I knew the moment he opened that text from me and saw this picture he knew his entire Saturday was shot. (and it pretty much was but he loves me)

I drew a picture of how I wanted ours to look. Our spot where our garbage can sits is a little different. Although this wasn't exactly MY idea I needed it to be MY design. Good thing my husband can use power tools. Off to Lowes we went.

We bought:

Spruce Traditional Wood Lattice (1) $13.97- $13.97
 Kiln-Dried Whitewood Stud (4) $2.11-$8.44
Severe Weather Max 5/4 x 6 x 8 Standard Ecolife Treated Decking (3) $3.98-$12.51
Grand Total: $43.49
***Stain Not included!!
**If you don't have a MyLowesCard....Get one! Its not a credit card. It just keeps track of your purchases! Love it.

All those years of him buying tools I NEVER complained, not one single time. Want to know why? Do you see that man cutting wood on a project I wanted...that is why. I am sure he regrets it now. Seeing him bent over like that I know its time to buy a few more pieces that will make his life a little easier. That is soon I am sure.

He is so patient with me. I really mean that. I am pretty sure any other man out there would tell me I have lost my mind and tell me to delete pinterest. Not this one. He is a keeper.

Just like that, the floor and the frame was built. He is an architect I tell ya! I think it probably took him two hours to draw up the measurements and then zip zip there it was.

Next thing I knew we were cutting lattice. (For the VERY first time ever in our married life. It's  pretty tricky.) That is the way it stayed in my garage for over a month. What I HAD to have done that Saturday, sat in the garage! Have I mentioned my husband is a SAINT?

This weekend I finally had a little extra mullah to stain it. I had plenty of time to think about a color. I wanted it as dark as I could possibly get it. I went to Lowes by myself to pick up a few things we needed and looked at outside stain and there she was. Its tintable! Yes you read that right AND its a LATEX BASED STAIN! Is your brain on overload...Mine was! Not sure I have ever seen a stain like that before.

 It is a little on the expensive side; HOWEVER, if I have learned anything in my 8 years of being a home owner its 1. Turn the water off when changing a faucet. (oh my goodness I HAVE to post about that) 2. Cheaper is not always better!

I went with it.

I don't want this post to turn into an advertisement for this stain, but let me just say I just went back and bought another gallon to stain my porch. Its THAT good. I love the color and I love the way it goes on. Its absolutely beautiful. (Don't be alarmed if you get the dark color and it goes on purple it doesn't dry that color...thank goodness!

I still need to spruce around the garage up, but I love the way it looks! Its like a little closet for my garbage can! Now We need to add the trim and she will be all finished.

This is what she looks like from the top of our drive way from the road! I have to say It looks pretty good! Thank you pinterest for the best outside project YET!

Next on the list:

Paint the back deck and this....

Oh YEAH! I am pumped! I have already got permission. He got this text last night and I gave him two choices. I am such a good wife.

Later Taters!

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Good Morning My lovelies!

Its been a little crazy around here these last few weeks. Adam isn't allowing me to spill the beans just yet. Fine. Its exciting news...yet he wants to keep it quiet!? Its KILLING ME! Seriously. I have a big mouth. I have a hard time keeping anything secret. This one may make me burst.
Here are a few things that I have been doing to keep myself busy.
1. My son's birthday Party. SAY WHAT!? He is three. Its breaking my heart. That boy owns our hearts. It has turned into a birthday for him and a birthday for his PawPaw (that's southern for grandpa) and you know what...I suggested it. Their birthdays are one week apart. There is no one like his PawPaw and to share a birthday party with him would be his ultimate celebration. I just happened to make that dream come true.

2. Caden's year book. I have made one every single year since his first birthday. Yes I know he is only 3 but I look forward to putting his year of pictures into a book. If he doesn't appreciate them when he is 30 maybe his wife will. If they don't...I will keep them.

3. My whole 30. Well the day I "Started" I had an EPIC fail. If anyone has ever had white cheese dip from a Mexican restaurant in the south you know what happened. So I said to myself "Self, you might as well have a MEGA large Mr Pibb because you have already jacked yourself up." Don't mind if I do. Two refills later and a take home drink. This girl had officially JACKED herself up. In 3 days my nasty jiggily gut has returned....FACE PALM...Why do I do this to myself?

4. I started a garbage can cover. When I say "I", I mean, I designed it, drug my husband to Lowes...made him pay for some lumber (its our money right?) and then showed him how I wanted it built. I am UBER scared of our miter saw. I run away like a scared mouse. True Story. I've had the almost finished project sitting in our garage waiting for stain for about a month. I am broke and I had other things pressing to pay for like...the power bill...the stain had to wait. I hope some time this century I will have a finish project to show you. Not to mention I decided to paint it by hand. Another Proud moment of mine.

5. This exciting news has also consumed my life. CONSUMED. When I am able to tell you, you will totally understand.

6. Small projects around the house. I have put off because I thought someday my husband would have time...Sorry I just laughed at myself. That man is so busy I have started to cut the grass myself. Keep in mind I am allergic to grass and trees. When he comes home the only thing I WANT him to do is play with his boy. That's it. Dishes on the floor from having a picnic...I'll get it. Socks on the floor from playing with his boy...I'll pick them up, and I wont say SWEAR.

7. Mary Kay. I know some people roll their eyes when they read that, but I am serious. I have met some of the most genuine women through Mary Kay. I have also learned a lot about myself. Like for example: I love being able to change the way women feel about themselves without make up on. I could careless about the money. (True Story, email my director and she will tell you the same thing.) Although the money I DO make I put right back into it because it pays for my habit. My "Small Potato" sales turned into a $5,000 year for me! That's a lot of Mary Kay I sold to friends and family! I loved every single second of it. Who knows maybe my $5,000 small potatoes will turn into $10,000!! I girl can dream right?

8. Primary. I am Primary President at my church. I don't usually tell many people about it. Not that I am not proud of the calling I have, because I am. If you aren't a member of our church it would be hard to explain what it is I do exactly....and there aren't a lot of  "Mormons" around here. ANYWAY. We have had a lot of changes in the past few weeks and it has become even more hectic. I love those children with all my heart. They have taught me so much. Thankful that Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to grow with them.

Thank you for stopping by. Don't give up. Check back. Maybe I will have some news for you!

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July is all about him

This month my son turns three. My heart breaks. I am so thankful he is healthy. I am so thankful he grew out of his GERDS he had as a baby. I am so thankful our Father in Heaven sent him to us. Just brings tears to my eyes he is growing up. Entirely to fast I may add. This month will be all about my little boy.

I try and get family pictures done twice a year. Just because he grow so fast. 

I want to share something with you that makes him even more special. A year before he was born I went home to see my grandmother while she was dying. When I got there she was in her final stages of life. I didn't know that in just a few short hours after I arrived she would be with my grandfather in heaven. When I got there my aunt stopped me in front of her door and said. "Jenny (Only family calls me that and gets away with it) I need to prepare you for what you are about to see. She is very sick." I am glad she did that. Although she was still my beautiful grandma she didn't look the same. I curled up next to her and I just held her and cried. She cried with me. Although she didn't say anything. She didn't have to. I know she was glad I was home. I shared some things with her that make those final moments together some of the most precious to me.

We have a running joke in our family that the twins I miscarried will come back. Although it may never happen we talk about it. As I laid in that bed with her, sharing the last few moments on earth,  I said "Grandma, if you see my babies will  you please send them back to me." She squeezed my hands and tears streamed down her face.  We both laid there and cried. Less than six hours later she took her last breaths. I still miss her. She died June 4th 2010

Caden was born on July 20th 2011. I don't think it was a coincidence.

I can't seem to grasp that this boy is turning THREE!


Potty trained
Tender Hearted
Primary song singing
Daddy's boy
Rosie's best friend (our family dog)
Loves him some "Mr Morris"
Lover of all things concerning Thomas the train.
Adores his grandparents. -All four of them
Social butterfly
Dare Devil

is turning 3.

Be still my heart

I just want to eat him up.

Yes I am "That mom".

He really is a good boy with a personality to match.
Being a parents has softened our hearts and unlocked places that just being two people in love can't experience. If you are a parent you understand.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. We love you. 

Thank you for stopping by

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