Not all milk comes from Mammals

Living in a Whole 30 world you learn a lot of different ways to cook. Living in a world that you have become obsessed with reading get turned off with almost anything you pick up at the store. When I read the ingredients on the back of the Almond Milk by silk I wasn't impressed.

When I got home from the grocery store I decided to see how difficult it was to make almond milk. It seemed easy
Like any good house wife I had to try it.

They started out like this. No big deal. After a few hours of soaking the water started turning white. I thought "Alright!" this maybe the easiest milk substitute ever!

That right there is one 8 oz bag of almonds in the funnel. I think I got 8 dips. My heart sank. Then the squeezing and the twisting and the "milking" began. Ever tried to milk an almond? Ever seen teets on an almond? I rest my case.

See that crazy mess all over my counter? I had to cut cheese cloth 5 times in this process because each time I DEMOLISHED it! The bowl you can barely see on the right was full to the brim from left over almonds from the "milking" process. The apples on the top were cut for my son in the middle of this process and then he decides he doesn't want "apples shapes". Fine. Whatever. (When did he become so picky?) That used paper towel on the left was one of many in this process. --Don't tell my crunchie friends I still use paper towels. (yikes)

Total time into this entire process???


 Was it good? Yes. It had a very clean taste.
 Did I enjoy drinking it? Yes.
Will I be making this all the time? NO! Why you ask?

1. I have learned that I do not enjoy milking almonds.
2. Entirely way to messy
3. All that time I think I could have been playing with my son.

**I honestly ended up throwing it away because I couldn't stand the thought of drinking it after all that work I put into it. I know that sounds ridiculous.**

Sorry. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone.

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  1. Jenn,
    My friend had a recipe where she put them in the blender with some vanilla and cinnamon. I'll get it for you. It looked WAY easier :) But kudos for the effort!!! I love that you are experimenting with all of this great stuff.

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  3. I thought you had some success with this. I thought you used a blender. Did I miss something? I could have sworn you talked about a nut bag unless of course you were talking about me. :)

    1. You are ao funny. I did have a successful "milking" however the milk wasn't worth all that. I did buy a nut bag.

  4. that looks so difficult! i'll keep with mammal milk....

    1. I don't blame you. I want some RAW milk. I would love me some goats!