A little stress never felt so good.

Its been a little bit since I have posted anything. After we found out my husband got the job I have put all my efforts and energy into selling our current home and finding us a home in our new location. This is the first time I have done everything by myself. Not that I am incapable, because I have been rocking it, but I have a lot of questions and I am trying to not stress out my husband at his new job. I am sure I am driving my realtors and my mortgage lender batty!

I could not be more proud of my husband. Twenty two months ago my husband moved from Asset Protection to Operations in Walmart. He had been in operations about 9 years ago, but decided that he wanted to try something different. My husband is an over achiever and is at every thing he sets his mind to. (I am not just saying that because I am his wife) When we decided it was time for me to stay home and he needed to make more money he switched over. There hasn't been a calm day since then.
I took on the role of sole ownership of every single responsibility in the house. Only because I WANTED him to never have to worry about a single thing at home and focus ALL of his attention and energy at work. Period. It has finally paid off.
Adam went from an Assistant Manager to Co-Manager to Store Manager in a short 22 months. For those of you that do not know much about retail or the world of Walmart that is UNHEARD of. (Did I mention he is an over achiever?) He has been non-stop for 22 months. Its been an exhausting journey for all of us.

That is an impressive sign! Not the plastic ones everyone else uses.
I am also pretty proud of the realtor name on that sign.
Now that we finally have our own store (You better believe its a WE. WE have all earned it) its time to move. AGAIN! Fourteen months ago we were living in a RV and now we are selling and moving. We didn't have any intentions of moving this quickly. I had anticipated we would stay here a minimum of three years and then we would have our own store. That has created a stress all in of itself. HOWEVER I have THE BEST realtor in the Birmingham area. I am serious. Don't believe me? Her name is Kelley Shaw Smith. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She helped us find the house we are currently living in. She helped us look for a house while we were living in Cullman and would be sending me homes at all hours of the night. Answering my texts NO MATTER WHAT. Was always so patient and kind and never gave up. Even after the 300th house she sent me and I said...no...no...no. NO! I apologized and she said "Jennifer its my job not just to sell you a house, but to FIND you a house you love."  Then one morning bright and early she sends me a texts that says "I think I found a keeper. It just listed." I took a peak and made the trek. Our current home was on the market for less than 24 hours when we made an offer. THE KEY to finding a good home is having the BEST realtor who works for you. Don't EVER settle for less than Kelley Shaw Smith quality!


We found a house where we are moving to YAY! (YET AGAIN a good realtor makes the difference.) House was on the market LESS THAN 24 hours.  So begins the journey of getting this house closed ASAP!

Isn't she a beauty! She looks bigger than she really is. What I like most...its only a few minutes away from my husbands new store! Thank goodness! AND...wait for it....I maybe able to have chickens and bees! YES!!!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I will have an update for you soon.

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  1. thanks kelly! can't wait to see the new house!