Because I haven't heard Herbs have a recall....EVER!

This post isn't about demonizing Dr's or Nurses who spend long hours being away from their families taking care of sick people. This isn't about that. This is about people taking CHARGE of their health. Hang on to your panties, its about to get serious up in here.
I have been reading articles from Dr's who have moved from using traditional medicines to exclusively using herbs. They are getting better results and longer lasting results with LESS side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. True. Why is this not being discussed in our Dr visits?? Dr's make money when you come back. (Personal opinion, sorry its true.)
Are there things that need a SPECIALIST. Yes. Cancer probably is one of those things.
Adam had a back surgery 7 years ago that still bothers him to this day. Shots are an every other year Dr appointment. Just to tolerate pain. These medicines don't HEAL anything they just numb the pain.
 Pain is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong. Ignoring pain is bad.
Covering pain up. Is worse.
Doing research on herbs that will help Adam with his pain and this is what I have found.
There are three types of pain:
1. Nerve pain
2. Muscle pain
3. Inflammation
Congratulations. You are now a educated.
All three are serious and should be HEALED not covered up. Otherwise you will just continue to reinjure yourself.
So I found these bad boys. There are several ways you can do you herbs.
In a tea. In a tincture. As a glycerin. As an infused oil. or As a capsule.
There is a time to use all of those methods. For Adam this is what I am doing.
Did you know that St Johns Wort actually HEALS nerve damage? It also restores damaged cells. It is also an anti-inflammatory. (amazing herb)
Prickly Ash helps with the shooting and searing pain. They have had cases where the nerve pain wasn't helped AT ALL with pharmaceutical drugs and Prickly Ash took the pain away altogether.
Kava Kava is a very effective remedy for relaxing tension, and it works both on the mind and the muscles. (retail is extremely tense)
Jamaican Dogwood is a very effective and unique remedy for pain.  It has an action on both muscular and nerve pain.
Most of these are in a tincture. Mostly because I don't have time to make a glycerin right now. (Don't worry its coming) I got this so we can test it out for ourselves before I do our own formula. Just like pharmaceutical drugs a "one size fits all" doesn't fit all.
A trip to the Chiropractor is Monday. If your spine is out of whack aint nothing right.
Vitamins are important too. Check and check.
The thing you must understand herbs WONT do the job for your body. They HELP it. Our bodies have become so reliant on pharmaceutical drugs our bodies have forgotten how to fight off everything.
Think of it as welfare if  you must. The less you do for yourself. The more you depend on something or someone else to do it for you. 
Lets me honest. When was the last time you turned on the radio and heard...."Do you know a loved one that has taken St. Johns Wort and died of lung cancer? Call Michael Johnson to see if you qualify for the class action lawsuit." Nope. Not gonna happen.
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  1. Oh migosh! I have had nerve pain for about a year. Tried a special formula, no help, tried B12 and Fish Oil. After 9 months it finally went away. Then I cooked for a day for a wedding and it came right back! I'm going to try St. John's Wort!

    1. If you get dried flowers and put them in olive oil you can use it as a topical pain reliever as well.

  2. Well this was a very informative post! I actually enjoyed it :-)))) Truly.
    Love you!!!!

  3. interesting. Let me know how it works for adam! xoxo