Does the label really make a difference?

In my journey to the discovery of "real food" I have stumbled on a fantastic form of food called "Organic". Have you seen these items? I am sure you have they are usually twice as much and it doesn't LOOK any different...yeah those items. I have spent YEARS avoiding them. I couldn't see the benefit of spending twice as much for food that looked the same. I love a bargain and don't want to spend a dime more for something if I can get it cheaper. (unless the brand is just nasty...then I will spend the extra dime)
Most of you know I shop at Aldi's. I know! My husband is a store manager at Walmart and I shop at Aldi's. -Like I said I can't spend more on groceries if someone else sells it cheaper.- When you get mac n cheese for .39 a box and it is GOOD, why spend $1.99 on the same thing??
My first item I purchased that was "organic" and WAY more expensive, was the grass fed ground beef. By expensive I am talking I could have bought TWO for the price of this one item. Its that serious!

I have several friends that buy a 1/2 a cow that is grass fed and said there is no other way to eat beef now. Can it really be that big of a difference? I can say without a shadow of a doubt and without hesitation YES! Hands down it isn't even in the same zip code. How is that possible? Its the same SPECIES of MEAT! I can tell you in one word. Are you ready?


Our food isn't food anymore. Its chemicals. Right down to what our food consumes. Chemicals. Might as well go drink pine sol from under your kitchen sink. (don't really do it ok)

I decided that since I had a good experience with ONE organic item I would try another.

We drink a lot of juice. Caden still drinks half and half because there is no nutritional value in straight up juice. You really need the fiber IN the apple. (that is another discussion) Our last trip to Aldi's  they had this next to the other apple juice. I thought I would give it a try. Yet again I was BLOWN AWAY! I HAD to try it when we got home. I still had the other juice in the fridge I just had to see if it tasted any different. I  noticed when I opened the lid that it even SMELLED different. How is this possible? What are we giving our children all over the United States? This stuff is given through WIC! Scares me when I think about it.

This trip I decided to expand my radar to anything else Aldi's sells that is organic. Other than the grass fed beef everything has been extremely reasonable and not THAT much more expensive. Totally worth it to me to have my food TASTE better.

I am a noodle and sauce junkie. My pants hate me for it. I think my father is a noodle. My last meal on this earth will probably have noodles in it. I love noodles...and so does my son. I have tried and tested a lot of marinara sauces. Everything from the .99 to the $10 a jar stuff. I will tell you right now I am done tasting and done buying. This stuff is AMAZING. It tastes like something a grandmother would be simmering on the stove all day. It tastes like REAL food. If my stomach wasn't so full and hurt from all the noodles I just ate (which were also organic) I would make me another bowl. Hands down the best stuff I have ever eaten.

I never thought I would say this, but I really am impressed with organic. Will I spend twice as much on food now that I know it tastes better? NO. Maybe someday...but right now I can't force myself to do it. Aldi's just needs to get on the ball and make everything organic. I am now converted. Try just maybe too.

Thanks for reading.

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