A Cheap way to have beautiful nails....and fast.

I started doing this about 6 months ago because I needed to feel pretty...everyone needs that right? When I was doing them today I thought "HEY! I need to blog about it." Ignore the cuticles. Enjoy.
When I tell you I am cheap. I am not kidding. I HATE spending money at a salon. I used to all the time before I stopped working and even then I HATED it. 1. It took entirely to long. 2. I felt like I had to tip even if it took all day. 3. I hated the way the place smelled. YUCK!
After Christmas I really felt UGLY. I needed a cheap way to have my nails look elegant. I bite them. GROSS. They break off and  I just have yucky brittle nails.
Prowling through the nail color aisle in Walmart I saw these. (you can also buy them here)
It was like light came down from the heavens and the angels were singing!--Can you hear them?? At $5.97 this was a STEAL! I could afford to mess them up once and not break the bank...right?? So I took the plunge.
**I get the clear ones with the French tip. They look more "real" and "natural".
I put Caden to bed and while Adam was watching some survivor man... I jumped in with both feet!
Everyone who has had their nails done knows how they put these on...its NOTHING like that.
Step one.
Wash hands
Step two.
Get a paper towel fold it in half
Step three.
Open box
Step four
Take the nail file and lightly file your nails so they are rough
Step five
Push back all of  your cuticles because you'll want the nails to fit under them.
Step six
Size up the nails to yours...all 10 of them and lay them out on your paper towel.
pinky to thumb, thumb to pinky
Step seven
Open glue
Step eight
Starting with the left pinky cover the nail with glue. Not a lot...but coat it like the first coat of nail polish. Attach nail. Making sure the initial attachment is under the cuticle and straight.
Step nine
Hold the nail down for at a MINIMUM of 20 second. Don't skimp. Making sure there are no bubbles.
Step ten
Continue on with the rest of the nails.
These guys last a good two weeks. Unless you break one. I do yard work in them, I clean with them...I do everything with them and they work as good...or better than acrylic nails.
Try it let me know what you think!

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