Living with essential oils.

Its Wednesday. I am actually writing this on Tuesday! SAY WHAT! I know. I am on a roll today.
I have lovingly name them "The Ladies"

I was first introduced to essential oils at a Party through DoTerra. The lady that did the class was talking about what all these oils did, but I really didn't GRASP the concept of them. I heard what she was saying...I just wasn't really LISTENING. Does that make sense? It wasn't until I met my "Crunchie" friend that it really SANK in. Sometimes you need to be exposed to something a few times before you accept it.
In my Journey of learning about food I really watch what kinds of things I bring into my home. I know it sounds crazy. I know how it sounds. TRUST ME...I know. My mother chuckles a little bit.
I started with the Honest Company. Although I liked their stuff....I hated spending the money on something I could make myself. If I am going to have things that are "Chemical" free...CLEARLY I can make it in my home...right?

I am a DIYer...I can't help it.
Then I watched Food INC.
Then I started looking at food labels.
Which the obvious next step is to look at my cleaning chemical labels...YIKES. Close that cabinet will ya.
Then something else occurred to me. What are these chemicals doing to my body? OR to my baby?! I have cancers that run in my family...I are rolling your eyes. I can feel them rolling. Everything has chemicals! BABY LOTION has chemicals. Will the madness ever end??
There is the background...Here is the good stuff.
I bought a few basic oils. I loved them. I seriously use them for everything.
Caden has a runny nose?
Bath, Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus oil
Daddy's Back hurts?
Sink needs a little disinfecting?
Peppermint or tea tree or lemon, or grapefruit...The possibilities are ENDLESS.
The list goes on and guess what? Oils are relatively safer than chemicals. True story. I say "Safer" because Eucalyptus CANT be ingested.
I bought a store brand from Amazon called "Aura Cacia" the organic ones. I researched for hours....and hours...and hours about which ones to buy. I don't jump into things any more, to many terrible-BAD-decisions in the past. (Timeshare being a HUGE part of that) I read countless articles. Read research papers. When I tell you I was obsessed with making sure I got the right ones...I WAS. --Thank you babe for putting up with me.--
I decided I was going to start small. I didn't want to invest in anything OUTRAGIOUS if I hated them...right?
I haven't "Decided" on a brand I will stick with. I am usually a dedicated brand kind of person. Please don't give me the speech about Young Living or DoTerra. Trust me...I will give you about a 1,000 reasons why I don't use either one of them. Not because they aren't good...just personal choice.

Going with a name that works "The Ladies 2"
 I found a blog that I am totally head over heels in LOVE with. I am serious. Head over right now and check her out! ---Well wait until your done reading.  She is simple. Breaks it down. Gives a girl a little confidence you know what I am sayin? I am new at this.

I read one of her posts about blending oils. It made it simple.

I think I love reading her stuff because she doesn't promote any specific BRAND of essential oils. LOVED that about her. (Nothing worse that reading about something and they are CRAMING a brand of oil down your throat. You just lost me) She used the Eden Garden brand for a few things around the house so I ordered a few.
I was a little nervous at first, but I am really surprised my first three blends turned out so well. I may change the laundry scent a little bit (Not a huge fan of that) but it will do for now. If you never try it...You will NEVER KNOW!

This is the Laundry Mix. (obviously) I made labels so I would know in the future if I liked them I could REmake them. That lie we always tell ourselves "Oh I will just remember" HA! I went ahead and made sure I wouldn't forget.
Fantastic Cleaner. Mix with vinegar
This is AMAZING. I am Positive its worth its weight in GOLD. Around here in this part of the world where all creepy things bite, and ALL bug sprays do NOT work. Sometimes you just want to go outside and don't want to wait two hours for your Chlorophyll to work. We tried it yesterday to go play in the pool...and you know what. NOT ONE BITE. Gotta love all things natural. Let me know if you have any questions. I may not know, but I can find out.
Hope you enjoyed it.  

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