I was featured on another blog. First time! whoop whoop!

Hi! My name is Jennifer. Nice to meet you. I have a blog and its called: theycallmepelley.blogspt.com. Emily asked me to be a guest blogger and I couldn't believe when she asked me. I am new to the world of blogging and I learn more every.single.day. I rely on her so much for her advise and her honesty that really I couldn't believe she wanted such an amateur on her blog. She must love you guys to subject her readers to this. Wink Wink. My blog is still in the growing phase so things are constantly changing. I am a DIY'er and like everything else...I want to try to do it myself before I ask for professional help. If you stop by please be gentle.
Those two handsome men are my husband Adam and my miracle baby Caden. I am a new stay-at-home mom that recently "retired" from Walmart management. My life changed completely and Emily thought I should blog about it. I love her for encouraging me.
She wanted me to talk about my natural remedies.
I live in Alabama. (I know what you are thinking...and clearly from my picture we aren't hillbilly's...yet. Keep reading I may change your mind.) We recently moved to a suburb right outside Birmingham and for some reason this place is the bug mecca of the universe. Something is ALWAYS biting us. If its not a mosquito, its a gnat. If its not a gnat, its no see'sm. If you thought you got away from those you step in an ant pile...and fire ants eat you up. Its a constant battle.
I love herbs. They work for us. If there is a natural way to make us feel better I gravitate to those first. I am not a "tree hugger". I DO shave my arm pits...really its not what you think. I just love herbs!
I read something that suggested Chlorophyll (NOT to be confused with Chloroform!!) changes the way your body smells to biting insects. I tried it and it works! Must be taken at a minimum of two hours before you go around biting bugs.
I get ours here.
This one has a light minty flavor and it tastes ok. This is also good for other things in the body this just happens to be a good side effect.
Lets talk about how to stop the itch if you have already been bitten. Something that works well for us is Lavender. Currently I do not use a DoTerra or Young Living. (Maybe that is a blog post for later) I use an organic brand I found here. It works great. My husband doesn't like the smell of it, but I don't find that the scent lingers. You can also mix it with a carrier oil if you would like. I put it straight on the skin. You can do that with this oil.
I also use Elderberry Syrup for things like, colds, flu, allergies and pretty much anything.
This is a picture of what it looks like being drained into a container as the final product.
How about those furbabies? Yes you can give them Herbs too! Its true. Our German Rotty is terribly allergic to flea bites. She will claw herself to death trying to get them off her. I hated to watch her chew at herself. We learned of a medicine that worked well for her called comfortus but it only lasted a few weeks and it was very expensive on our budget. When I learned that an herb called Brewers Yeast stopped the fleas I knew I had to try it. It did work. At $2.00 a bottle...its worth it! We have used it ever since. I am a total believer in herbs. Hands down, no questions asked...I do that FIRST before anything else.
I love all things natural. I hope you have learned a few things. I am in no way a dr. I feel comfortable treating our family and so far it has worked out well. Please feel free to ask me questions! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you around.

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