Our First Affiliate!

It doesn't take you long, when you arrived at my page, that you know I am new. Especially if you stop by often. Things are always changing. I am ALWAYS researching and trying to find something that looks better or something to add.  If find a blog that has some great pointers... I run with it. If I can get it to work I go with it. That easy. Maybe someday soon I will find something that I can't live without. Hopefully soon for your sake. xox
Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.


Most of you know I love natural remedies. I can't wait for my guest post with Emily Osborne on Wednesday! She asked me to write about my natural remedies. I think its my favorite so far. Check back!! She inspires me to be a better mom, blogger and wife. Seriously. Check out her blog. I love it.
Ok lets get back to the reason why we are here.
We have OUR VERY FIRST AFFILIATE TODAY!!! I feel like I have hit the big time. Although its really not a big deal, it is for me. I am beyond excited I couldn't wait until Wednesday to share it with you.
After I wrote the guest blog this weekend I wanted the bulkherbstore to have an ad on my page. I want them to be as easy to find for my readers as possible. That is all. When I wrote and asked if they wanted a free add on my page I hadn't anticipated them to take it up a notch! They offered to share the sales from my page with me! I love them even more. Although I appreciate them for doing it, that is NOT why I use them. If it isn't something I would feel safe giving to my family I would NOT have them as an affiliate. Check them out. Please and see why I love everything about them. I order all my fresh herbs from them.
Thank you for reading and stopping by!

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