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I listen to A LOT of talk radio. Probably to much. We have a local radio station called SuperStation 101.1 I am probably borderline obsessed, HOWEVER, I think it is important to stay in touch with local news and topics. (and lets be honest I like listening to the "goodens" call in.)

This morning as I was listening I heard a truck driver call in and say "If ya'll would put some bleach on them there tires. Them folks wouldn't slip down them hills." This is a DIRECT QUOTE. (SMH this is yet ANOTHER reason we get made fun of.) Sometimes I hear things and I just think, "Yup, you blew off an arm as a kid", but this one seemed pretty legit. So today I HAD to get out of the house. I was going stir crazy. I should NOT have left the house. After trying to get out of my community I was met with this: do you see the ice!

That should have been my CLUE to turn around and go home...But NO...this girl is on a mission. I turn around and go another way.

Then there is this one:

So no big deal. I am seeing it starting to melt. I will be good to go. Its 40 degrees the ice will melt. Not so much.

So folks. This is what you need to do if you live in the south use some BLEACH and get on over "them there hills"


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Its a winter wonderland!

I live in the south. I am SURE you know that. Since I have lived here we have had snow every single year. Not a lot. Yet it is still snow. Here is the problem. We the people in the great state of Alabama do not know how to appropriately DRIVE on these roads. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

I know what you are thinking. WHO CARES! Its a little bit of snow. Oh. Ok.

1. Lets add we don't own snow plows. (seriously we probably own 8 in this state)

2. We only eat salt in our food and dump it in our pools.

 3. They told parents in the MIDDLE of the storm they were releasing schools. ^ That picture is parents trying to get to their children^ no lie.

Add those back woods "goodens" and we have a mess!
Then you have the city folks who say "I have the latest greatest SUV with the best tires money can buy. I am good"

Because THATS going to help you if you can't make it up or DOWN the hill.

Then there are others who say "Move over you idiot I saw the Krispy Kreme sign light up I need to get up that hill."--Here is your sign.

Just in case any of you where wondering...NO your RV will not make it up the hill either.

This is the reason this state gets made fun of ALL THE TIME! Seriously. I just sit and watch the news and shake my head.

On the news a little while ago I heard a few babies have been confirmed born in cars. No they didn't make it to the hospital either. The caller said "Its not everyday a baby is born some where but a hospital." Really? Does she live under a rock?

Be safe people. I am a professional blogger. Don't try driving up that hill by yourself.


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Homemade is ALWAYS better!

Breaking my rules already, but that is ok. I am really excited about my new habit and thought I would share the recipe AND a picture.

 I have a new set of friends that have encouraged me to live a new healthier me. Never a bad thing. When I looked on the back of the bread we were eating I was a little scared. SOOO I thought I would make my own. No fuss. No chemicals. Just taste! So fresh you can almost smell it!

I use a bread maker just to do the dough, because I have a weird thing about my hands getting dirty. (don't judge me) After all the hard work has been done and the first little bit of rising has taken place, I take it and divide it into loaves and put them in pans. No two are a like. I love it! See the little seam in the middle of that one! It just shows it was loved!!!

Throw them in the oven for 30 min at 350. When I pull them out, I immediately roll a stick butter on the top and it gives it some more yumminess. I also feel like it helps the top of the bread "crust" a little bit better. (BUTTER people not margarine. Don't get me started on margarine..not today.)
The total time it takes is probably two hours. Most of that two hours is rising.

The low down:

2 cups of warm water (still needs to be cool enough to run your fingers in it)
2/3 cups Organic White Sugar (I haven't tried brown sugar yet...that is coming soon)
1  1/2 Tablespoons Active Dry Yeast or 1 packet
1 1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt (less sodium)
1/4 Cup unsalted butter or 1/2 stick (or use salted butter and leave the salt out)
6 Cups of Organic Bread Flour (none of that bleached, enriched garbage please)

Then I usually add just a small about of Milk (probably about a Tablespoon). Something about it just makes it smooth.

The water, yeast, sugar, salt and butter really need to be together FIRST. The yeast needs to start doing its job of "yeasting". (I guess. I doubt that is even a word) Then when you get that all good and mixed then S.L.O.W.L.Y start adding the flour, to fast and you will end up with a big dry ball of yuck. Then then rolling and kneading...and rolling and kneading. And rolling and Kneading. Then just when you think you are done....roll it and knead it some more. (See why I use the bread maker!) Then let it rise. TWICE its size. punch it and knead it again. This time not to much. Divide it and then put it into the bread pans. (not to be confused with BED pans) Remember that the bread needs to rise 1" above the rim. Then throw those bad boys in the oven for 30 minutes.

**Warning they will come out and be SCREAMING to be eating. Resist the URGE to eat the whole loaf.**

Then eat and enjoy. Best Bread you will ever eat! Promise.

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Who wants to do this alone? Not me!!!

Most of you know my sister got me into this, and really I am less than good at keeping up with a journal and even worse at keeping  a blog. Thank you for reading.

 I really am "new to this stay at home mom" business. Its HARD I am not going to lie. Some days its all I can do not to pull out my hair and run away with my head under my shirt and hide in the closet. Its the truth. He is two! How can a two year old do that...if you don't aren't a mom of a two year old. 

We moved to the Ghetto about a year ago, but before that we lived in a 1982, 25 foot, RV with no running water, in the driveway of my husbands parents trailer that is in the middle of a cow pasture. (sounds fun doesn't it. Don't be jealous I don't live there any more). We were there for 3 months waiting for our house to close. It really was a very important time for me and my MIL. All sarcasm aside. Really it was. They really are GREAT people. Give you the shirt off their back, and well I am a Yankee and no one around here likes us Yankees....even though I really didn't have anything to do with that war...and I am pretty sure my ancestors were to drunk to really pick a side...they still judge. We needed that time to build a relationship. I am so thankful we did.

(where was I going with this...OH YEAH)
Back to me living in the Ghetto...

We seriously don't get out much. I don't trust the neighborhood and to actually get to a decent part of town I have to travel 30 minutes. That is just to take my son to a park I feel good about allowing him to play without taking my husbands glock. That gas I am using needs to be spend getting my husband to and from we hang out at home. Playing trains. Its great.

I have had to build a routine to keep me sane. I am such a structured person if I don't have a plan I go crazy! soooo I thought I would talk about that today.

First I want to tell you about my new planner!!!!! Yes I have an iPhone. Yes I know we don't use those any more! BUT!!!!!! Your kids aren't going to have a piece of you if technology gets lost. They will have pictures and a journal...I switched.

This little guy is AMAZING!

This is what my weekly shot looks like. I love how they are broken up into three sections. I use one for "home", one for "church" and another for my "Mary Kay" Business and for a group I am involved in called "Moms Helping Moms" I LOVE that she had made a spot underneath the days! I use that for a menu. Its so easy to look back and see what we had for Dinner that way I wont forget and have the same thing more than once that month. Since I am reading my scriptures more I love being able to write the ones that I want to learn for that week in that empty spot up there in the corner!
I have made a specific area of the house I am going to focus on everyday. Wednesday I have decided will be my blogging day. We will start with one day a week. Hopefully that will give me a good start.
Sunday: Church-Usually after getting at church at 7:45 and leaving at 1 I am wore out. Being a Primary President in a small branch and ensuring we have a smooth Sunday is exhausting. That's about all I have energy for.
Monday: Laundry-I strip the beds, take up all the towels in the house, and bathroom rugs and I wash EVERYTHING in the house. This last week I probably washed 15 loads of laundry. There is only three of us...I am not sure how that is possible. I usually make my home made bread for the week today. (I will post more about my bread later)
Tuesday: Kitchen-Wipe down counters (I do clean them more than once a week but everything gets moved off the counters and walls get scrubbed) mop floors wipe down appliances, organize fridge.
Thursday: Floors:-This is when I bleach the CRAP out of my house. I clean carpets, vacuum, sweep and mop. This is probably my most favorite day. I am sick I know. Currently I am looking for an alternative to bleach...have an idea? I would love to hear it.
Friday: Dust- Speaks for itself. I really can't believe how much dust we accumulate in our home. Its unreal.
Saturday: Prepare- This is the day I use to prepare for the next week. Usually its Sunday and lessons. It could be for my husbands week. Whatever it is I usually take a day from cleaning.
Things I have that I want to add to my routine are:
Homeschooling. My son is two we need to start soon!
Making my own soaps, detergents really want to get away from chemicals.
One of my goals this year is to read the Book of Mormon. I have challenged my primary children also. What a great way to keep track! This woman has seriously thought of everything! And with the reminder on the top of my weekly shot I have no excuse!
So that is all for today! I can't wait to hear what you think! Let me know. Suggest me to a friend.
 Lets be friends!

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