Its a winter wonderland!

I live in the south. I am SURE you know that. Since I have lived here we have had snow every single year. Not a lot. Yet it is still snow. Here is the problem. We the people in the great state of Alabama do not know how to appropriately DRIVE on these roads. I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

I know what you are thinking. WHO CARES! Its a little bit of snow. Oh. Ok.

1. Lets add we don't own snow plows. (seriously we probably own 8 in this state)

2. We only eat salt in our food and dump it in our pools.

 3. They told parents in the MIDDLE of the storm they were releasing schools. ^ That picture is parents trying to get to their children^ no lie.

Add those back woods "goodens" and we have a mess!
Then you have the city folks who say "I have the latest greatest SUV with the best tires money can buy. I am good"

Because THATS going to help you if you can't make it up or DOWN the hill.

Then there are others who say "Move over you idiot I saw the Krispy Kreme sign light up I need to get up that hill."--Here is your sign.

Just in case any of you where wondering...NO your RV will not make it up the hill either.

This is the reason this state gets made fun of ALL THE TIME! Seriously. I just sit and watch the news and shake my head.

On the news a little while ago I heard a few babies have been confirmed born in cars. No they didn't make it to the hospital either. The caller said "Its not everyday a baby is born some where but a hospital." Really? Does she live under a rock?

Be safe people. I am a professional blogger. Don't try driving up that hill by yourself.


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  1. lol! I love this and you! lol Coming from me, u know I know better than to think THIS is snow!

    1. and obviously I need to change my name! BAHAHA!

    2. Yes this is true. They can't help it because there aren't plows. The roads really ARE slippery. Add the inexperience and you really do have a mess.