The great essential oil debate. Part 1

I was introduced to essential oils about 2 years ago. I had no idea what they were, and really at the time, I didn't have any interest in them. Then I met a crunchy friend that changed my view on several different "Hot Topics" essential oils being one of them.

I have this mind that doesn't shut off. I get on a topic and I go overboard. Its a flaw in my brain and I know it is.  When I was introduced to oils I understood the "Why" and I am learning daily on "how to", but what I couldn't have answered was "How do I know they are good"?? Opinions are basically all you get and a companies "promise" and they always say "Our oils are in their purest forms"; however, lets be honest, oils are a HUGE industry right now and who is monitoring their honesty? I am proud there are so many people taking charge of their health care. Used properly these will do great things and help. If you take just anyone's word for it,  and dont do a little study yourself, you could end up hurting yourself more than you are helping.

 I literally researched for three whole months before I decided on one brand. They were organic (shouldn't it be chemical free? If I was going to use it for medicinal purposes?) and it was a name brand that had the components I wanted on the label. (Where it came from and what part of the plant it came from.) Although it was a big name brand and came from a retail store, I felt comfortable and they didn't break the bank. As times goes on you learn. (Which should be apart of life.) This is a good brand, what worries me is the amount of time they sit on the shelf. There are oils that don't last long and go bad...tea tree is one of them. How is a girl to know?? How is a momma suppose to know!?!?
Lets talk about a few brands I am currently using....

I recently found this new brand. Barefut. They are relatively pretty new. This company is out of Spanish Fork Utah. They have been having a "getting to know you sale" and have had a featured oil monthly for free you just pay for shipping. (usually it ends up being $3.99) I have gotten several oils from them and they do the trick. I have allergies and their lavender works wonders! (so does my Aura Cacia) There again...this is all opinion. (we will get into science in just a second bear with me.) ($7.99 15 ml on their website "on sale" normally $15.99)

I am sure if you have researched "essential oils" on google this is one of the brands that have popped up! I have several of this brand and I LOVE them. (there is my opinion again) When I diffuse them there is NO residue left over. (sign of a good oil) Their customer service is fantastic (which has nothing to do with their oils themselves.) The effectiveness is fantastic. My son had nightmares for an entire month straight and we got their Self-Esteem stick and used them at night and more nightmares. ($6.99 10 ml on their website) (The Self-Esteem stick is similar to the "Valor" that Young Living offers. Although we did use Valor before we bought self esteem when we ran out we bought Self-Esteem to replace it.)

This brand is the most economical. Hands down. If you want to build your essential medicine cabinet fast this is the way to go. They also offer blends. I haven't bought any blends just yet, but I see that in my very near future. I also love that they tell you where their herbs come from and how their oils are processed. I love that. Transparency is necessary! (again only opinion) ($3.25 10ml on their website)
**noticing this isn't the same Eucalyptus as shown above. This IS a cheaper version. **

This is a brand you have probably seen in any health food store. Here is my personal opinion. (Opinions are like noses we all have them) They do not diffuse well. My diffuser needs a lot of cleaning after I use these oils. I feel like they aren't exactly "pure" as it says on the bottle. I use them more as a scent than as "medicinal" purposes. The price is reasonable and if you HAVE to have something this would be an "ok" choice. ( opinion) ($7.50 on Amazon 1 oz) Note: none of my other oils leave a film after diffused.

Lets have a conversation about MLM (multilevel marketing) essential oil brand names.
Yes I am going there.
doTerra and Young Living

doTerra $18.67 retail                           Young Living $19.08 retail
(can you hear the scary music in the background)
I am fairly positive I have offended readers for even putting the two of them in the same sentence. Good thing this is an opinion page! 
Lets talk about price.  When you are dealing with a MLM company you are, at some point, paying for your uplines salary. That's how people get paid. I don't have an issue with their oils per say, as much as I have a problem with their prices. Someone is getting paid. Can you see the disparity in prices??? Its more than twice the price of those other "trusted" brands. We are a single income family I NEED a better option.

No, I don't mind paying farmers for their work and consultants for their selling... HOWEVER their price is a little excessive for me. I wanted a better option. A more budget friendly option!!! So I went on a very LONG very extensive search.....

Look for scientific facts in the next blog! Where my opinion may or may not be there.

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  1. I love oils! Cant wait to try some of your concoctions. :)

  2. This was a lot of oil knowledge. Is there room in my brain for part 2?

    1. oh yeah! As smart as you are...lots more.