Our most recent "Getaway"

(Chattanooga, TN)
Not only was this trip my most favorite (lets face it, they are all my favorite), I am positive my son has his first memories here. Every time I ask him what he is thinking about he says "Chaganooga". Its the sweetest thing ever. I love he remembers places we go. I love he asks to go back. I love even more that he remembers when we have been down a street and he will say "We have been down this road before". He get that from me when it comes to remembering roads.
For starters...We decided that Monday we would leave that Friday to go on a trip. Those are my favorite trips! Trips we don't really plan...they just happen! Wednesday night my little started running a fever. No big deal right? Nothing like a low grade fever to get rid of a bug. That night I stayed in the living room to monitor him. Around 12 he went from a low grade fever to a fever that would scare any momma. Fantastic!
We decided we would go on vacation in hopes that it would run its coarse and things would be ok. I brought a long my elderberry syrup and a few highlands mixtures. They do the trick for us and off we went.  
We got to the hotel to late to go to any attractions so we decided to go to the mall and let our little play at the play place in the middle of the mall. Then like most great parents we took our son out to eat at 10pm at night. I normally look at parents that do that and say "What the crap are you doing with your child out so late!"...now I know what they are doing out so late...they are on vacation.
We didn't get to sleep until 1 that night. It was fantastic. Caden slept until noon the next day...and if we hadn't been on vacation I would have thought it was the best thing in the world...but we wasted half the day! We went to the aquarium and he thought that was the best thing EVER.
This is him trying to touch a sea creature. He loved it.
I know this looks just like an ordinary butterfly, but this is a newly "hatched" baby! They had a nursery of butterflies in pupa/chrysalis ! Although there is no such thing as a baby butterfly it was neat to watch them come out of their pupa/chrysalis.

It was awesome!

Then my littles most favorite part of the whole trip.


My son has a disorder where he refuses to look at me and smile at the camera. He wont do it.

I am not a professional photographer...still learning.

Since I have had my son I am an emotional train wreck. No pun intended. When I saw this steamie come around that corner tears rolled down my eyes. No lie. May have been one of my sons happiest days of his life. It looks like Annie and Clarabelle on the back of that train. (Thomas friends will know what I am talking about)

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  1. awwwww. that's all i can say. awwww. love mah pelleys.

  2. love this. so perfect. i'm glad you're back! don't leave us again! and my son also has the same disorder as yours.. the camera and all. ha