Say it isn't so!

I can't believe it was January when I last posted! Are you kidding me!?!? Now you know that I am a TERRIBLE journal keeper.
About 18 months ago my husband bought me a computer. It is an all in one touch screen thing and only got it because we got a killer deal...THEN three weeks later my precious, darling, angel of a boy kicked the computer off the kitchen table trying to save a train from falling off the cliff. Yes I KNOW it shouldn't have been on the table, BUT we lived in a house so small that it was LITERALLY the only place for it to go. Lesson learned for all of us. Right after it happened I checked around to see how much it would cost to get it fixed...and well it would have cost me as much to fix the screen as it was to buy the I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited. The thing about touch screens is they were made to function when you touch the screen started flickering. A LOT. It was nearly impossible for me to do anything on the computer. I finally broke down and paid someone to fix the screen. I guess that explains part of my absence.
What have the Pelley's been up to?? I am so glad you asked!!

My parents came in October and we literally had a week of constant movement. They were here from Utah and we spent 1 day at my house. We had a blast!

We have discovered our favorite beach is Navaree Beach in Florida. The sand is so beautiful! This is the only place we have found that we find marine life and lots and lots and LOTS of sea shells. It is private for the most part. If you are searching for a semi private beach that is very family friendly this is the place for SURE.

If you have never used TripAdvisor I highly recommend it.

Is that not a beautiful view!?!?

This is my son's most favorite place to go when we go to the beach. Its the Naval museum...and we could literally spend ALL day there.

 No caption necessary

I try and make a few Holidays special. Fall is probably my most favorite season. I love the leaves changing colors and I love the smell of fall. We have been to the same Fall festival for two years in a row and this year we decided to go to a different one.

 He thought he was terrified of riding horses...then he got on it...and he was a natural.

That face is priceless.

Swimming in some corn.

Lets take our next trip on my next blog post...maybe we can catch up! Missed you!!!!

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  1. Well well well. Look who finally decided to show up! I love these pictures so much. And I miss YOU so much!! Come back to meeee! Love you.