sniffle, sniffle, sneeze. Cough....repeat!

I have seen, more like read, hundreds of people on Facebook suffer this year with seasonal allergies. 'Tis the season right?  I know all about them. I too suffer TERRIBLY from allergies. I have been clinically diagnosed with being allergic to trees and grass. (I live in Alabama...not the best place for me to live) My list of prescriptions from Dr's every single, year would grow...and grow....and grow. Every year it was different ones because I would build up an immunity. THEN half way through the year I would get a sinus infection. Never understood why I stayed so sick...then came the headaches...then came the migraines...Terrible cycle.
Until I met my "Crunchy" friend. Thanks Jaclyn. xoxo
To make a long story short I have not had to go to the Dr this year for allergy medicine. Nope not once. I have not had 1 single migraine. (knock on wood) Nor have I had a sinus infection. I think this is the first year I have been able to breath out of BOTH nostrils this time of joke. What am I doing you ask? Its pretty simple are you ready? Got your paper out?? Write this down and stick it in your purse and run to the grocery store...
This is from Dollar General I think it was $3. I have the one from Walmart, but I like this one better.

Local honey. This local  RAW honey is grown in my backyard...can't get any more local than that. That local and RAW part is really important.

Last but NOT least...My elderberry syrup.
Packed with allergy CRUSHING ingredients!

The problem I had with allergy medicines was it wasn't helping me It was making things worse. I am sure you notice that too. After that allergy medicine wears off you are good for nothing. Am I right?? Then you are either miserable until bed time or you are scrambling to find your next hit. STOP THE MADDNESS!!! I think last night I had an "episode" and it was probably because I had forgotten to take it, problem solved. I took the Echinacea and a spoonful of honey and within 20 minutes I was back on track. No terrible side effects. Seriously folks!

 My allergies are A.W.E.F.U.L. I was willing to try anything. Aside from drinking my own urine. (I have read that too) I went with all three and they have worked. For fear of it being a combination I haven't let off any of them. I will just continue with what works. Try it. Seriously what do you have to loose!

 Ever walk outside and you can physically FEEL the pollen attack you? Feel it flying up your noes laughing all the way? This is the first year I say "Bring it on" aren't bringing me down this year!

My son takes this, my husband takes this. It works. All of this is good for more than just allergies. Look it up.
Good luck. Let me know how it works for ya!

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  1. i've been taking the elderberry syrup every day! i can almost take it now without gagging. :) Thanks for the tips! we planted four elderberry bushes, we'll have to figure out how to convert it from its raw form into the syrup. more later. in three years when they are ready to harvest.

    1. I think if you made it at home and you were able to add your own natural ingredients it wouldn't taste so bad. That store bought stuff is pretty nasty. I will admit.