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I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Lets be honest. Its a bunch of people trying to be someone they want to be. Although we all know each other and we all know how we are in REAL life. Its the ones that have their profiles set as public that kill me. Its ok. I wont judge you.
Since I've started to blog I have filled my newsfeed with helpful things that will either uplift our family or give me ideas to teach my son. Its been a total different experience. I am a much happier reader.
In the last few months I have also tried to surround myself with "friends" that will do the same. Do we have a common interest. Can we help and up lift each other?? I have a new found friend, that I met through a friend, who has become an answer to prayer more than once. That is probably the only part of Facebook I love...networking.

Our conversation started out just talking about her recent Stitch fix! I loved what she got. I had been really wanting to try and get a "Fix", but money has been really tight. That and I have a hard time spending real money on clothes. When she told me she lost 17 pounds I was immediately jealous! I have struggled with my weight my entire life. Probably because I love all things that come from potatoes. Its not that I am genetically fat...I just eat the wrong things. We are all adults here...its the truth.

When I asked her what she did to loose 17 pounds she told me her and her family went on a Whole 30. I was all ears. Until she said:

No sugar
No legumes
No milk
No grains

Um...hmmm...That is my ENTIRE diet. Stick a fork in me I am done.

I just kept listening (well reading we were on Facebook) and then she told me she had more energy. She has six kidos! (she homeschools, has a farm AND she has her own little Herb business...I just love that) Even with my ONE I could still use extra energy. Who couldn't!!! She told me her and her husbands joints stopped hurting...She saw the belly bulge disappear. My light went on. I have a battle of the bulge going on. Some times I have a muffin top. Other times I feel like a busted can of biscuits in spandex. Got a nice visual do ya...its real. I haven't seen or felt my hips since they pulled Caden out via C-Section...and I was laying down. He is almost 3. I am pitiful.

Its not about a "Diet". Diets are for people who are to lazy to work....right? Kind of like getting a free sample from the grocery store. Ill try it but I am in NO WAY going to commit to buying anything.

Its a change of HABIT.

Making better choices.

Learning to feed and fuel your body.

I started reading for myself. Pinterest and I have become best friends. What CAN I eat because I really don't want to focus on the CAN NOT's. Most of everything I am seeing seems pretty eat able. (not to be confused with edible...a grasshopper is edible. Unless I was struggling to survive would I eat a grasshopper)

 I still have food in my cupboard from my last grocery trip so I can't just jump right in. We need to eat what we have...so here goes nothing.

I want everyone to know I am a real person who has real cravings. Those chocolate peanut butter m&m's have left a permanent impression on my thighs. I worked hard to earn those. Now its time to say goodbye.

Who says broccoli isn't for breakfast?? Those eggs have fresh mushrooms, onions and a dash of garlic powder. May I add they were very filling.

Those pancakes are NOT, let me repeat, ARE NOT on the list. Like I said. We are prepping. They are Pumpkin spice pancakes with rolled oats and made with whole wheat flour. Real pumpkin. Spices added by me. The sweetener is stevia...which is also not on the list.

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