That darn list!

Yesterday we had company and I had to run to the store and get a few things for dinner. Nothing fancy just spaghetti. I didn't have Caden so I knew I had this...without the list.

--The lies I tell myself--
First stop. I thought I did great. Until I started driving off and making dinner in my head and thought "CRAP I forgot the spaghetti noodles!!" So the entire time on the way to the next store I said.. "spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti-Don't forget the spaghetti!"
I even attempted to write it on my hand while I was driving. I didn't feel safe doing that and driving so I just told myself. "I wont forget"
I arrive at my next destination. I don't know what it is about getting to the store and forgetting your name. Seriously. Is it the overwhelming task of finding what you need? Finding what you came for? Or not wanting to be seen by those you possibly may know? OR is it that you spend way to much time looking at the lady with the tight pants on, wondering how she squeezed into the size 3 jeggings when she CLEARLY was a size idea. Maybe it is all of it. But how does one forget the spaghetti TWICE and then not remember until you are half way home? "I wont forget it"
What WAS suppose to be a 30 minutes trip out of the house turned into an hour! What has happened to my brain? Needless to say I continue to leave the house without a list. WHY!?
Are you one of those list bound people? I wanna hear your story.
I thought I would add my first printable just incase you are like me and NEED one. Its not an original. Give me time. You are welcome.
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  1. i don't always forget my list but when i do... I get a bunch of random stuff i don't need!