Good Morning My lovelies!

Its been a little crazy around here these last few weeks. Adam isn't allowing me to spill the beans just yet. Fine. Its exciting news...yet he wants to keep it quiet!? Its KILLING ME! Seriously. I have a big mouth. I have a hard time keeping anything secret. This one may make me burst.
Here are a few things that I have been doing to keep myself busy.
1. My son's birthday Party. SAY WHAT!? He is three. Its breaking my heart. That boy owns our hearts. It has turned into a birthday for him and a birthday for his PawPaw (that's southern for grandpa) and you know what...I suggested it. Their birthdays are one week apart. There is no one like his PawPaw and to share a birthday party with him would be his ultimate celebration. I just happened to make that dream come true.

2. Caden's year book. I have made one every single year since his first birthday. Yes I know he is only 3 but I look forward to putting his year of pictures into a book. If he doesn't appreciate them when he is 30 maybe his wife will. If they don't...I will keep them.

3. My whole 30. Well the day I "Started" I had an EPIC fail. If anyone has ever had white cheese dip from a Mexican restaurant in the south you know what happened. So I said to myself "Self, you might as well have a MEGA large Mr Pibb because you have already jacked yourself up." Don't mind if I do. Two refills later and a take home drink. This girl had officially JACKED herself up. In 3 days my nasty jiggily gut has returned....FACE PALM...Why do I do this to myself?

4. I started a garbage can cover. When I say "I", I mean, I designed it, drug my husband to Lowes...made him pay for some lumber (its our money right?) and then showed him how I wanted it built. I am UBER scared of our miter saw. I run away like a scared mouse. True Story. I've had the almost finished project sitting in our garage waiting for stain for about a month. I am broke and I had other things pressing to pay for like...the power bill...the stain had to wait. I hope some time this century I will have a finish project to show you. Not to mention I decided to paint it by hand. Another Proud moment of mine.

5. This exciting news has also consumed my life. CONSUMED. When I am able to tell you, you will totally understand.

6. Small projects around the house. I have put off because I thought someday my husband would have time...Sorry I just laughed at myself. That man is so busy I have started to cut the grass myself. Keep in mind I am allergic to grass and trees. When he comes home the only thing I WANT him to do is play with his boy. That's it. Dishes on the floor from having a picnic...I'll get it. Socks on the floor from playing with his boy...I'll pick them up, and I wont say SWEAR.

7. Mary Kay. I know some people roll their eyes when they read that, but I am serious. I have met some of the most genuine women through Mary Kay. I have also learned a lot about myself. Like for example: I love being able to change the way women feel about themselves without make up on. I could careless about the money. (True Story, email my director and she will tell you the same thing.) Although the money I DO make I put right back into it because it pays for my habit. My "Small Potato" sales turned into a $5,000 year for me! That's a lot of Mary Kay I sold to friends and family! I loved every single second of it. Who knows maybe my $5,000 small potatoes will turn into $10,000!! I girl can dream right?

8. Primary. I am Primary President at my church. I don't usually tell many people about it. Not that I am not proud of the calling I have, because I am. If you aren't a member of our church it would be hard to explain what it is I do exactly....and there aren't a lot of  "Mormons" around here. ANYWAY. We have had a lot of changes in the past few weeks and it has become even more hectic. I love those children with all my heart. They have taught me so much. Thankful that Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to grow with them.

Thank you for stopping by. Don't give up. Check back. Maybe I will have some news for you!

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  1. I'll be back every time! :0 xo

  2. awwww. i love me some pelleys! miss ya'll super lots. and why doesn't my phone update your blog. waaaa.