Wanna know what really grinds my gears?

Thought I would post something a little lighter. Not everything in my life is serious. Well almost everything. I do...sometimes have a funny side. Unless you ask my brother...that is a totally different subject. HA just kidding Jake. He is ginger. That should explain everything.
I got this from my sisters blog. I enjoyed reading it. Maybe you will enjoy mine.
Your life will be complete now.
My pet peeves... I've got lots.
If there were ever a time to take advantage of complaining, this would be it! YES!

What is my biggest driving pet peeve?
It used to be people who would make an Epic attempt to pass me and then slow down to granny proportions. I have a story about this...maybe some other day. Now I think its people who ride my butt thinking I am going to go faster. I have a baby in the car. Yes he is almost 3...but I am NOT going faster because you are missing an episode of "Dancing with the Stars" get DVR. Not my problem. I will just slow down until you give up...or possibly forget where the accelerator is. I've done that too.

What is my biggest blogging pet peeve?
When someone goes on...and on...and on...and on about stuff. I have to many of those people in my life. I tune them out. If you have one huge sentence. No paragraphs. No pictures...I am leaving. Gone. You've lost me. Not coming back. Sorry. Be original. Be you. Be real.

What is my biggest shopping pet peeve?
Going into a store and everything is a size 00. Um...real women AREN'T that size. Yes, maybe MY sisters are. They are real women. Yes I hate them for being naturally beautiful and skinny.
I am convinced it is the only size LEFT because all the "real" women got there before me. Its possible. I want selection! I want Classy Styles! I don't want to have to go into 29 THOUSAND stores to find ONE shirt I like that doesn't break the bank. I can feel my blood pressure rising...ok moving on.

What is my biggest general pet peeve?
Oh my gaaaaawsh! When I go into a store and there are children who are either 1. Acting like they have had no adult supervision a day in their lives and I see them running around like wild animals. 2. Children that are so dirty it is as though their parents picked them up out of a mud puddle with clothes that they found in their neighbors garbage can and brought them into the store. (Children get dirty. Yes I know I have one. He is all boy. However I get a wipe and do a quick wipe down before we go into public. If you have them to wipe butts you can wipe their face and hands...but just don't use the same wipe) 3. Parents that put their children in a shopping cart and let them scream...and scream...and scream...and scream...and scream...and scream..... Please take that child outside. I am about to loose my FRAKING MIND.

What is my most irrational fear?
Cockroaches. I just shuttered. Just the very word makes me want to dry heave in the corner. I think I live in a state where the national insect needs to be the "Flying Cockroach". I just shuttered again. I watched an ER show once where a cockroach burrowed itself into a patience ear and all he did for 12 hours was scream until they found it and pulled it out. I think my spirit would crawl out of my body and I would never come back. I am serious.

This was fun, huh. 
I love having an excuse to complain... 
How about you? What makes you mad more than anything? Do tell :-))
Happy Thursday My lovelies. 

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  1. Bahahahahaha I think this would be a fun post to do :)

    1. I am glad it made you giggle. It was fun to have something a little lighter. I have a blog scheduled for tomorrow about our whole 30. I am thinking about doing a Tutorial Tuesday...to bad you don't use blogger. wink wink. xoxo

  2. HA! i should do one of these posts... okay, maybe not, i'll just read yours and agree.