A little appetizer until tomorrow. You are welcome.

My sister did this and I thought it was a nice little change. She is a pretty awesome blogger. I lust after her camera all the time. Maybe someday. Enjoy and stop by tomorrow. 

Making : Plans to see my Mom in Atlanta.
Cooking : Pork Chops with homemade mashed potatoes WITH the skins, sautéed mushrooms and young peas...
Drinking : Diet Coke. I am out of Mr Pibb...I know its my only unhealthy thing I do right now...back up off me.
Reading :To train up a child by Michael & Debi Pearl and Six ways to keep the "Good" in your boy by Dannah Gresh. I know I am boring. Told you.
Wanting : To live some where that I don't get eaten either by mosquitos, gnats, or no see ems... 
Looking : For ways to keep our dogs cool during the hot summer months. Thinking about a window fan and auto waterer so they have fresh water all the time.
Playing : Trains...shocked?
Wasting : Leftovers. At least they are going to the dogs. All good things.
Sewing : I am in the middle of a quilt...its been in the making for about 10 years...yeah I know.
Wishing : I knew what the next few months held in store. I hate surprises.
Enjoying : The peace and quiet this morning.
Waiting : For payday...its to truth. I hate having bills in the bill holder.
Liking : My day planner!
Wondering : How I can get rid of processed juices and make my own.
Loving : Listening to superstation 101.1...I love me some Leland Live!!
Hoping :This year will be the year we will get pregnant.
Marveling :How well my almost 3 year old has done potty training.
Needing : My nails and hair done.
Smelling : Peanut Butter no bake cookies cooling on the counter. I made them last night.
Wearing : Walmart t-shirt and yoga pants. (don't worry I don't wear them out of the house)
Following : The elections.
Noticing : How filthy my windows are...didn't I just wash them two days ago. SMH
Knowing : How blessed I really am to be able to stay at home with my son.
Thinking :I need to get one more bale of hay for the dog kennel and a net for the little pool down stairs.
Feeling : Lazy. My beds are made...but I feel like I need to clean something. Maybe the windows.
Bookmarking : Homeschooling. We may hold off about starting. Boys seem to do better when they start later.
Opening : a new box of toothpaste. I really want to make our own but scared to.
Giggling : at my son's imagination.
We cover up so we don't get bites...we still get bit. I am also trying to teach modesty. Don't mind my burn pile.
Thanks for stopping by.
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