Making your ends meet!

Since I began my new career as a stay-at-home mom I have struggled with the idea of not bring in any income. I do feel like I contribute by doing other things around the house, but I still feel like I need to bring in money. Thought I would share a few ways I help bring in money. Enjoy.

I first started my Mary Kay business just to get my discount, give me something to do and to make sure I could pay for my addiction. Its been a great way to meet moms! I have some great friends I have met through Mary Kay. Its turned into more than just a hobby. Its been an outlet for me in so many ways. It has been a FANTASTIC choice for me. There have been many women that have been in college who have decided to drop their major and did Mary Kay full time and have been extremely successful in Mary Kay. Its as real as you make it.

My second favorite way to make money is through apps on my iPhone. Yes you read that right. Some have apps for other OS's but not many. Its paid for Caden's birthday cake, our family pictures, extra Mary Kay, bills!!! You must have a PayPal account, but that is pretty easy to set up. I promise they wont disappoint. Some are more involved than others and some pay faster, BUT they are PAY! If you are in town or shopping at a store its a quick way to make an extra few bucks! I did have one called Rewardable. I would stay as far way from that app as possible.

I think we also forget about coupons bringing in money. Saving money is just as good if not BETTER than driving around getting jobs. If I can get toothpaste for free I am all about it! My most recent app I found is called Boxed. It is fantastic! Free Shipping no monthly fees! Its like a Costco without the lines or membership fees! (However nothing beats a Costco are right.) Its got everything from Organics to Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile soap. Its got cleaning products to personal hygiene and everything in-between. There is a $25 minimum order but that is easy enough.

I am so cheap now that its become painful to spend money. I HATE shopping in any retail store for new clothes. --Except bras and underwear those are still new-- If I can find a better price, or THINK I can find a better price I will do it first.

My favorite place to shop for groceries is Aldi's. Hands down no if's ands or buts about it. It drives my husband crazy spending money other than his place of business. Where else can a girl get a can of veggies for .49? AND THEY ARE GOOD! I make my list and go there first. I can usually spend about $125 for two weeks. (It has lasted a month before but I hate getting that low on groceries.) We hardly ever eat out and Adam takes lunches to work. You do the math.

Discount grocery stores. We have one local called Wise Buys. I find the most amazing deals here. They have a local butcher so their meat is fresh. Their veggies are local so they are fresh. I bought corn last week 6 for $1.00! Can't beat that! Their cans can be a little dented and a little to much dent isn't good. I usually buy their Rotel when they have it. Its normally $1.25 at Walmart and I get it for .25. Can't beat that price. Some things are expired so always make sure you check dates. (You should be checking them any where you shop anyway)

Thrift Stores. My mom helped us appreciate them when we were younger. Its been an obsession since my sister and I have become older, but can you blame us!? We find awesome deals! We don't have my favorite place to shop- Savers and DI like they have in Utah, but I have found a few clean ones here. The LoveLady in Birmingham not only has a clean store, great prices and great sales,but they have I think the most amazing mission I have seen. (Outside our church ran DI) I love shopping at thrift stores that I know the money I am spending is going to a good cause. Make me feel good about my used purchases. Find a local thrift store that you know your money is going to a good cause.

 Hope you enjoyed and learned a few things!

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