Whole 30 Sweetness and a little comedy.

Notice those nails? I just did them that morning.

In the process of moving towards the Whole 30...we are changing our eating habits. I don't want this to be just a "Diet" but a way of life...right? What's the point of getting healthy if you don't maintain it. Its about changing habits. So I thought I would share the recipe and a little something I learned about myself.

For the record this is GREAT! I am serious. I am a lover of chocolate. All things chocolate. Especially a sucker for my homemade creamy brownies...need to change the subject...now I want some.

You know after a healthy meal your body says..."I NEED CHOCOLATE" almost like a monster inside of you? Well  mine did that yesterday. Thank goodness it was late and my husband wasn't going to wait for brownies because I WOULD have made them.

So I did a little pinterest search and I found this.

Whole 30 "Milk" Shake

About 50 ice cubes
1/2 Tablespoon of  cocoa powder
half a can of coconut milk.
4 bananas
a few pinches of unsweetened shaved coconut
*My husband suggested we add almonds next time.

**Although everything in this is compliant, its not recommended you drink your food OR you have something that gives your mind a good item that is representative for bad food...make sense?

I served those bad boys up in a glass mason jar and called it a night.

Here is the funny part.

My lips started to swell...my tongue started to burn. Then my eyes started to swell. Oh man. This girl is allergic to bananas! Who KNEW! We searched the entire house for Benadryl...nothing. So off we went to find me some. I thought my eyes were going to pop out.

After 2 Benadryl and a drive to the ER (we never went in the Benadryl worked) I have decided this may not be a recipe I will make again. I hope you enjoy it.

I totally understand now...Rough night. 

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