Our obsession may get expensive.

For those of you that have been around Caden you know his obsession/passion for trains. I really don't know how or when it got so bad, all I know is I am on board and support it 100%! I don't know if it is because he is the only child or if it is because I am having just as much fun collecting the trains as he does playing with them, but either way I don't see the train phase ending any time soon...I hope.

We started out small. We bought some wooden trains from Walmart when they went on clearance for like $1.00 when Caden was just 3 months old. (They sell for like $12!) I figured either way it was a good buy. When he got old enough we gave them to him and well the rest is history!

I love seeing them lined up in places all over the house. It makes my heart so full. The second train (James) and the pink/purple (Rosie) and the very last "wagon" as Caden calls them (James's tender) were the first ones we purchased. They are well loved.
It has become a mission to find ones we do not have. There is nothing more exciting than to see the face of my little one when we find a train he doesn't already have. It is really worth every single penny we spend on the trains. Maybe parents reading this will relate.
Santa heard about his train obsession and found a few trains he may or may not have already had.

He also brought train tracks and train stations! This is the only picture we got before we found them in the morning and started playing with them. We never got his face, however, its April and he still talks about Santa bringing him trains for Christmas.

Yes I cried when we set the trains up. Did you even have to ask?
We were in Utah. This was his first "big train" ride and he was so excited he couldn't stand himself.

One of our many stops on our road trip with my mom and my sister in Walmart looking for a train we didn't already have. I think Dreydan had fun looking for new trains too.

Grandma even gave in and bought some trains for her house from Savers in Utah.

Can you see the train in his hand?? Just cant get away from them.

Nothing to do with trains. I just really love this picture of us. He makes my heart go pitter patter.

There is this train that travels the country. You may have heard of him. Thomas the Train?? Well if you haven't this picture may help.

When we heard that he was going to be in the neighborhood we HAD to go. Mortgage the house if we had to...my boy HAD to go. Yes I cried when he saw Thomas. Yes I cried when we got the tickets. Yes I cried when we got on the train. I can't explain why. I just did ok. Stop judging me. I am getting a little teary eyed thinking about how excited he was.

Caden giving Sir Topham Hat a high five. He was so excited about seeing him. "Well done Thomas" Caden said as we got closer to him. As we were leaving he looked back and said "I love you! Have a good day." There went the water works.

I can't ever get him to look at the camera...ever. I know he is thinking "Really mom? You are embarrassing the CRAP out of me with all those tears running down your face."

I am not normally one for character shirts, but for this occasion I made an exception.

I bought this table from a lady whose little boy was as obsessed with trains as Caden is now. His name is Thomas. When Thomas started kindergarten the kids made fun of him changing Thomas's mind about loving his beloved trains. As his mommy was telling me this story I was crying. (see a trend here??) I can't imagine how devastated he was! I am imagining the devastation for the mommy as well. It takes a lot of time to collect all of these trains!

What parents do for their children. I can't wait to see what is next.

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  1. you get the waterworks from your mom. Those trains are so cute! i have three i need to mail to him that Dreydan found and took out of the package, so before they are completely lost I'll get them to the Caden love. Miss you guys! i love that Thomas train, that is seriously cool. The next time you come to Utah we are getting on the Heber Creeper. !