A calm in the storm for now.

I have a few moments before life gets crazy again and what do I want to do?!!! Blog. Yes its true. I have almost felt lost the last few weeks not blogging, but my OCD and my anxiety wont let me concentrate on anything else but what we have going on right now. I apologize for not being normal.
Let me update you on what has happened in the last few weeks while I have been gone.
1. Finally bought our house by Adam's new store! Thank goodness! She is mine...all mine. I can't wait to get inside and start making her my own. Go out side to check out the yard and what do I find in the backyard? An Elderberry tree! Heavenly Father does answer prayers. Now to sell my house in Birmingham. Prayers please.
2. Caden had his first trip to the Emergency room for a cut! It was a total FREAK accident. Seriously. How many boys get cuts with a hot wheel? SMH...mine. Its a family thing I swear. After 3 hours waiting in an ER and a little glue and tape and we were as good as new. No biggie.

3. Adam taking his first trip as a Store Manager to Colorado for the Holiday meeting. He said he wasn't excited, but he did get to see people he hadn't seen in a while. Getting him ready for that was interesting. Note to anyone who is reading this (especially if you are a man) listen to your wife when she says "Babe lets go buy you a sports jacket..." mmmk! Did I mention the day after he got home we closed on our house???
4. My amazing husband has worked non stop since he took over a "sister" store. He is a hard worker, but the extra stress the responsibility has put on our family has been a little over bearing. I don't handle change well and neither does my son. I need a structured routine. Well last week we took a mini impromptu vacation to Savannah, Georgia. Not all vacations need to be expensive. This one was super cheap! I am just happy Caden got to spend time with his daddy and I got to sit in the car and hold his hand. I was a happy girl.
5. Next week we officially move. I am so thankful for all that Walmart has done. I know so many people have hateful things to say, but you never get to hear the good things Walmart does. Most of the time its because the people who have bad things to say are the ones who couldn't hack it or don't work hard. Walmart has been nothing but good to Adam. Starting out as a part time Garden Center lot boy loading cow poop to a Store Manager. Its a fairy tale story if you ask me. 
Thank you for stopping by. I have several more posts coming. I will have them scheduled...so stop by in a few days for something exciting news and our recent trip to Savannah.

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  1. Don't ever apologize for not being normal!! :) Love all your updates. And that pic of Caden on the beach.....LOVE LOVE LOVEit!

  2. What's this surprising news?! You have me intrigued....