My name is Spritz

Hey there!

Since we moved to Utah a few months ago we have been on a mission to have as much fun, as a family, as possible (and that seems to mean buying toys). We live in the perfect area for recreation and we are eating it up. 

My husband and I have been looking at Travel Trailers for over a year. If you've been on a hunt for one you KNOW what I am talking go to shows, you go to dealerships, you look, you dream, you talk about them, you cross them off your list...Then you start over. I can probably tell you we have looked at no less than 18 million 900 and 25 trailers. -I realize that isn't how that works, but I wanted you to get what I was trying to say. We looked at A.LOT.OF.THEM! When we moved here we said "We will wait until next year until we buy one"...HAHAHA well. Clearly we couldn't wait. The season was NOW. 

We went to General RV. I am not sure we will buy from them again. There was some shady business going on and I don't think I trust them to do anything for us again. Our salesman was very nice and his family was from where my parents live, but their managers aren't honest. We wont be back. 

She is a Coachman Clipper Cadet 17BH. She is small but cute and I love her. Our son named her Spritz on our way home from the dealership. She feels like home more and more every time we take her out. 

Our first trip? To Big Mountain RV in between Fountain Green, Utah and Nephi, Utah. IT WAS AWESOME! Downside? Everyone was super close. It was a smidgen high, but honestly it was immaculate. I promise I could eat off the bathroom floor right across from our site. It was THAT clean. (Not that I am recommending eating off the bathroom floor....Just trying to prove a point) Little girl and I slept like Champs. I was honestly surprised how well we slept our first trip. The management was SUPER nice. Like over the top nice. They had a swimming pool, which we used, laundry, a game room, snacks and lots of hiking close by. It was the perfect "breaking her in" trip.

Anyone else find things on trips? Ours in our family is hearts. 
This one was found on a trail close to camp on our second trip. It made me smile. 

Our second trip? Up power plant road in Mt. Pleasant Utah. A little more primitive, but we still had full hookups. --and a grocery store close- which obviously I still need! lol (and before you ask-No I did NOT pull her with that car) Lots of hiking trails and crisp fresh air. We loved it. There was only one spot with "full hookups"and it was non potable water, but it worked. We also used our shower here for the first time! It did its job and we never ran out of hot water!!! BONUS!

We have found some pretty awesome deals to go inside this beauty, thanks for a few Facebook groups telling us about how to travel safely and where to get the goods. I will tell you about those in another blog post. I had an entire shipment come in these last few weeks and I am excited to test them out! In the mean time hang tight...and enjoy a few pictures. Our next trip is coming up fast. 


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