Auburn beat the Tide

Epic doesn't even begin to explain the awesomeness of that game. To score in the last second of the game and to be the team NO ONE PICKED TO WIN! They did it. Yes, we are Auburn Tiger Fans. -Sorry we bleed blue around here- Going into this game I couldn't help but be excited. Who wouldn't be?! After we watched our National Champions get their butts spanked two years in a row and then come back and beat the #1 team in the nation! Words can not express how proud I am to be a fan. My son even says "WAR EAGLE"!
As my husband watches Sports Center in the living room listening to the "The voice of the Auburn Tigers" we STILL get chill bumps. Yes folks its that serious. Living in the south there is only two teams...Auburn and Alabama. Its a religion around here. There is no way around it you HAVE TO CHOOSE! So I choose the most humble of the two. War Eagle Folks.

 He had no idea no one was behind him. He was told to go in, catch the ball, and to run...Just run.

After the last defender missed him he just kept on and never looked back. No one could believe it. 

You will never know how great it is to win, until you have lost. What an unbelievable finish.
Great Job Tigers. Well done. 

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