Busy Busy.

Isn't this the best time of year! I really do love it. Its a little different for me now that I stay at home. Aren't we all super busy?!? I have recently started helping my mom with her Vacation Rental in Utah called the Valentine Carriage House. We opened a FB page, instagram, twitter and pinterest. I did that mostly in one day. Phew I was exhausted! My mom is really the master mind behind all of that. I just get to help...see that I GET to! I love it.

Then here comes Primary and a New Year and preparing our classrooms...Oh yeah and wait...we have Christmas at our house this year!!! So for those of you following me. I am sorry. I promise to get better.  I love this design this year! Jess is BRILLIANT! I have been able to make CD's for our children, binder covers, and yes even bulletin borders which I couldn't find and emailed her and she HAD THEM! life saver! Then as I am browsing Etsy I wanted to find someone to make our primary chair covers and found Amy ... and on a whim (us latter-day saints call it "the spirit") I asked her if she could by chance make some chair covers for me...and it so happened she had started some already for her primary and was released from her calling before she could use them!!!! I know, I know true story ask her!

So now I am getting things together for our Family Christmas Party. Its our second one in 10 years at our house...so I am nervous. Check back for pictures! 

Can I say this blogging is hard stuff!? I admire anyone who can do it and have a decent looking page. (Can I get an AMEN!?) Like I said before this is a new world for me. My sister has really helped me a lot and I am so grateful for her.

Have a Merry Christmas! Please be safe!!

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  1. yahooo! Christmas is so much more fun when you don't work full time. im enjoying it.

  2. I totally agree. He was a lot of fun this year. He still makes comments about Santa coming. I love it