Its the most wonderful time of the year.

Its been a really long time since I have "enjoyed" Christmas. Working as a retail manager, holidays seem to suck the life out of you. You work to many hours to really care what your house or your traditions are. This year is SOOOO different. I DO care and I am having SOOO much fun doing it.

(Pardon my pictures. They aren't professional and my iPhone is well better than what I have.)

I found this book a few years ago and this year we will be trying it out. I wanted my children to understand Christmas isn't just about "getting" gifts but "giving" them that is important. This is a really GREAT book. Don't ask me where I got it I am not sure. I am sure you can find it on amazon.

Trying to get him to calm down long enough to take a picture was impossible. He was so cute pulling each branch out of the box seeing what colors they are. I enjoy a fake tree. Probably the only one in my sheep I a tree. This was one day daddy was off. We got a hair cut, bought a latter, put up Christmas lights outside, AND set up a tree on his off day. He is such an amazing husband and daddy. He puts up with me well.

He was trying so hard to help put up lights. No fireplace this year so our stocking are hanging from out entertainment center. Creative I know. Don't judge me its the best I could come up with.
This isn't out "first tree" but it is the first year he has really understood what is going on. He was so sweet and tender putting each ornament on the tree. Lovingly placing each heavy ornament on a light. I loved seeing him place the ornaments. This is the reason I love staying home. Just to see his enjoyment with simple things we do like decorating a tree.

Yes its to early for Santa cookies but you HAVE to have cookies when you decorate a tree.

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  1. he is so cute decorating! and you can have an artificial tree, I still love you. yo-momma.

    1. Thank you! I know how much you love them. xoxo