"Going on a trip in our favorite rocketship"

I try hard to take my boy on trips so he can make memories. I really am a home body. If it were up to me I would stay in my pajamas and stay home all day every day. No lie. I am the perfect example of a hermit. Just goes to show God knows exactly what he is doing.

Oh my goodness people. This place was beautiful when Caden was being packed around in a sling and it was perfect, yet again, when he was able to walk. Now he asks me daily to take him for a hike...with his "sticky shoes"! Adorable.

He loved it.

Then we went to....

Caden called every bridge we saw "natural bridge"...adorable.

 Those are his "sticky shoes".

Can you see the Indian Face?  

Does anyone else's kid make crazy goofy faces? I wish he would just smile!
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