How to get started with essential oils

Welcome! It has been a few weeks of essential oil debate and what an eye opener for sure. I have added another item to my list of things not to talk about...
Breast Feeding in public
Oil brands

Totally legit.
Now that we have made a decision on what brand we want, what do we buy first?!?! Just when we thought we had it under control it is time to make a decision on which scent to buy?!

This is where I don't necessarily agree with buying an entire starter kit from any company. Our needs are different. What I mean by that is what I struggle with in my house isn't what you may be struggling with in your house.  For example: 
  • We have always had sleeping issues in our home. Lavender is good for that and lately self esteem from Plant Therapy has worked.
  • My husband works with the public and I am worried about germs coming in to the house. I diffuse Four Thieves in the air to kill any germs that may decide to sneak into our home. (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary)
  • I am high strung when my house is a mess and I can not seem to focus so I use self esteem on the back of my neck to calm me.
Your unique lifestyle should determine what oils your family needs and then buy accordingly.
Just because Eden's Garden is selling 120 oils in a kit doesn't mean it is a good deal for you. You may never even crack the seal on those puppies, other than to sniff them, and then you have bought oils you may never use and may possibly go bad. Now you have wasted your time, oils and money.
Essential oils can be as complicated as you want them to be. All the way into the components in the oil. (Even the same plant grown 10 miles away will test differently. It is a natural thing grown in nature and it is impossible for it to have the exact components in the solution every.single.time.)  It can get pretty deep. I have spend the last month exploring the chemistry of oils and it makes my head spin. Although it does not have to be that complicated oils aren't that easy either. Dr Pappas is one of the leading authorities in testing the chemistry of the oils. He literally has the largest data base in the world for what essential oils should looked like when they test. When you see the test results of an essential oil you can dig through that data base and make sure it really it was it says its suppose to be.
Please beware of the advice people give you. Just because you find it on Pinterest, Facebook or read it on a blog (including mine) it doesn't make it truth. You have to listen to your gut and read opinions from several professionals before you decide. If you read three trusted opinions and all three are three more...if they do not agree read three more. Find at least three (from three different companies or schools of thought) before you decide its "truth". That is what I do before doing anything and sometimes it can take a long time.
Here are a few questions my readers have:
Is there an oil for:
  • Joint pain
  • Acne
  • Stress (Can I diffuse it and how do I put it into a roll on)
  • Germs (Can I diffuse it and how do I put it into a roll on)
  • Cleaner for my floors
  • What are the "Basic" oils
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Ulcers-- will need to be in another blog talking about herbs.
  • How can 1 oil be used for so many different things
  • I want an oil for my munchies! Possibly for weight loss??
  • Bug spray
  • Help me sleep
  • What else with the oils do I need?
I want to start with: "How can 1 oil be used for so many different things". I love this. I had this same question. The best explanation I can give you is: When you buy flour do you only use it for cookies? No. It can be used in just about everything. It has multiple uses. When you understand its prime purpose the horizon is endless.

I really want to preface with this before I give suggestions on how to help with some of these ailments. 1. You should not have to use oils for a lengthy amount of time. I would say up to three months. You should be helping your body heal and not taking the place of your immune system. 2. Is the condition you have a symptom of something else? Just treating the symptom isn't going to cure the problem. Could it be your environment? Could it be your food? You need to ask yourself these questions before you buy an oil thinking its going to be a cure all for everything. That is not how oils and herbs work.
And Here...We go...

Store this in a dark glass roll on container.


Use the dilution chart above to understand the 5% dilution.

Something else I want to talk to you about with allergies. Allergies need to be a 3 step process. 1. Take local raw honey. It needs to be a daily habit. 2. Take Elderberry syrup (without Echinacea) 3. use the sniffle stop as needed.  
I am not sure there is a "basic" list of essential oils to buy. I really believe you are going to be individually different.  The only thing that has been the same are Lemon and Fractionated Coconut oil. This has been a wide range of issues
Personally I use Lavender a lot. Actually I am on my third bottle in a year. It is really useful for allergies and bug bites. It is a pretty versatile oil.

Find a few things that you want to do now, possibly a few above, and order them. I have been doing this a long time and I feel like I am starting to finally build up my supply. Its easy to go wild at first. Find out if you even like oils before you spend a small fortune.
I think for sure the items you should invest in are:
One last topic before I sign off. Weight loss is the million dollar market. Why? Everyone wants an easy way out. A pill, an oil, a food...something they do not have to work at to be the perfect size. Trust me I would love to be the perfect size. Learning to eat better, move more and stop eating crap is the key. 
I hope that helps.

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